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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lessons To Be Learn From Robbing A Bank Story

Hereby I would like to share an interesting story about the lessons to be learn from Robbing A Bank as the content is shown below.
During a robbery in Guangzhou, China, the bank robber shouted to everyone in the bank: "Don't move. The money belongs to the State. Your life belongs to you."

Everyone in the bank laid down quietly. This is called "Mind Changing Concept” Changing the conventional way of thinking.

When a lady lay on the table provocatively, the robber shouted at her: "Please be civilized! This is a robbery and not a rape!"

This is called "Being Professional” Focus only on what you are trained to do!

When the bank robbers returned home, the younger robber (MBA-trained) told the older robber (who has only completed Year 6 in primary school): "Big brother, let's count how much we got."

The older robber rebutted and said: "You are very stupid. There is so much money it will take us a long time to count. Tonight, the TV news will tell us how much we robbed from the bank!"

This is called "Experience.” Nowadays, experience is more important than paper qualifications!

After the robbers had left, the bank manager told the bank supervisor to call the police quickly. But the supervisor said to him: "Wait! Let us take out $10 million from the bank for ourselves and add it to the $70 million that we have previously embezzled from the bank”.

This is called "Swim with the tide.” Converting an unfavorable situation to your advantage!

The supervisor says: "It will be good if there is a robbery every month."

This is called "Killing Boredom.” Personal Happiness is more important than your job.

The next day, the TV news reported that $100 million was taken from the bank. The robbers counted and counted and counted, but they could only count $20 million. The robbers were very angry and complained: "We risked our lives and only took $20 million. The bank manager took $80 million with a snap of his fingers. It looks like it is better to be educated than to be a thief!"

This is called "Knowledge is worth as much as gold!"

The bank manager was smiling and happy because his losses in the share market are now covered by this robbery.

This is called "Seizing the opportunity.” Daring to take risks!

So who are the real robbers here?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sore Throat With Fever Illiness And Take Medical Certificate Sick Leave @ Klinik Dan Surgery Lee Klang Experience

Today I woke up at 5.40am. Well, it is because my whole body start to feel "shaky" as I think I am having fever during the morning. Moreover, I slept early at around 12am+ yesterday where my biological body clock just need to sleep few hour as I can wake up automatically. However, I just went to sleep back. The moment I wake up again is 6.50am as my mother asked me whether want to go to work or not. After think for some moment, I decided to rest at home and just sent a message to my manager that I will apply leave to go see doctor today. Frankly speaking, I do have a thought whenever I apply leave because this would be a chance for the new colleague guy to prove to my manager that he can do faster than me. Anyways, I told myself don't need to worry because I will face it with a positive attitude even if I got fired from doing slow in the date entry related job field. Moreover, maybe I haven release my full potential yet as I believe I have skill in other field.

At the end of the day, only yourself can give your ownself confident no matter how bad others people say about you. After that, I just went to sleep again. The moment I woke up again is at 1.10pm and there is 3 worker renovating the staircase. Then I just have a simple "Yong Tao Foo" with rice as my lunch. During the afternoon, my father fetch me to the nearby clinic which is Klinik Dan Surgery Lee Klang by Dr Lee Hooi Hock as shown below.
Well, I waited for about 10 minute to reach my turn while taking some picture as shown below.
Then I show the doctor about the Difflam sweet that I bought yesterday at Vitacare Nu Sentral as shown below.
The doctor advice me that I can don't take the sweet although the pharmacy say it can help me but I didn't ask the reason behind as I say it is quite expensive.

After the doctor consultation, I went to the counter and paid RM27 total for the medical fee for sore throat with fever medicine as shown below.
Then I request for the Medical Certificate (MC) sick leave that I can claim from my current company. Overall I just feel that the Dr Lee service is good and I would go to visits next time if I sick again.(No. 26, Lorong Sungai Puluh 13C, Taman Klang Utama, 42100 Klang, Selangor; Tel: 03-3291 8988) Upon arrived office, I quickly take the medicine and just resting while watching the television. Well, there is no longer have food review for this coming week as I am sick while I just can watch the "Taste with Jason" movie program as he recommend two place to eat which is Penang crab and Cheras duck as shown below.
I think I will be going to visit Penang next week if my sick is cured.

After that, I went to sleep again and woke up around 5pm as I had slept for almost a total of 13 hour today. During the night, I just have a simple noodle as my dinner as shown below.
Well, I just get to know that you need to pay protection fee to Gangster if they saw you renovate house as I wonder is this normal where we cannot report police right as it would bring more trouble later. Then I continue to research some information and update some old blog post. Somehow I do felt a little annoyed when the "threatening email guy" reply my email about the "Challenge Chinese God" blog post as I had follow his request to remove the content and his reply is shown below.
Dear friend,

Thank you for your prompt action and we really appreciate your kind understanding.

I saw that you have removed the posting on FB and part of the article was removed from reloadfood.com

While we cannot stop you from posting personal remarks against Master and your personal feelings about him, we hope you can also remove other contents which does not represent yourself:-

AND other Chinese content which opinionated but does not accompany with solid evidence and not authored by you.

After today all remaining contents will be captured as evidence and submit to legal prosecution team of MCMC and PDRM.

Cari Internet Sdn Bhd was also notified and legal documents will be handed over to them as well.

Just a final friendly note, if you have posted or the user of the said posting at Chinese Cari Forum, it's up to your discretion to remove/edit the article solely on your decision. We do not refrain or stop anyone from posting what they felt but if it's not substantiated with evidence, it will be a defamation case.
Seriously that message seems to be like accusing me that I am part of the user who post the feedback in Cari Forum as I didn't do it. Anyways, I just told myself don't think so much since I didn't do it.

Honestly, I really want to find the answer behind it because I still don't know whether how much my parents paid for my "spiritual curing fee" during the past as I will feel not worth. For instance, would you give some powerful guy RM18,888 just to cure those spiritual stuff as I heard the money is used to buy coffin for deceased people in order to repay all the "past life debt" (冤亲债主) in someway. I wonder what it would be if that family don't have such money to pay? After I had "awaken" now, I would rather believe the cause of my "January Incident" happening is because of depression instead of possessed by ghost if want to explain in a scientific way. I wonder anyone would go to the doctor and say you're possessed by ghost and you can see what is the doctor reaction as they will think you're crazy. Until this moment, I still think about the Sifu saying's that don't forget who helped you when you're in trouble back in January.

Well, I am not trying to be "forgetful person" (忘恩负义) because I still not really into believe it. If those Sifu is really good, why they still need to charge for such as expensive price to cure? In addition, would you believe that you don't even need to see doctor after your head being touch by a Sifu hand and sit in a golden chair? Anyways, I don't want to talk much about it as it would offend some God once I left this world one day. Anyways, I would like to share the "8 Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong" article again as it say's "The best thing you can do is to keep going" as the content is shown below.
Don’t be afraid to get back up, to try again, to love again, to live again, and to dream again.  Don’t let a hard lesson harden your heart.  Life’s best lessons are often learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes.  There will be times when it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong.  And you might feel like you will be stuck in this rut forever, but you won’t.  When you feel like quitting, remember that sometimes things have to go very wrong before they can be right.  Sometimes you have to go through the worst, to arrive at your best.

Yes, life is tough, but you are tougher.  Find the strength to laugh every day.  Find the courage to feel different, yet beautiful.  Find it in your heart to make others smile too.  Don’t stress over things you can’t change.  Live simply.  Love generously.  Speak truthfully.  Work diligently.  And even if you fall short, keep going.  Keep growing.

Awake every morning and do your best to follow this daily TO-DO list:

1) Think positively.
2) Eat healthy.
3) Exercise today.
4) Worry less.
5) Work hard.
6) Laugh often.
7) Sleep well.


Somehow I told myself to be grateful that at least I don't need to be a homeless person guy like those people who sleep under the bridge at Brickfields Nu Sentral without knowing what is their future as they're fully despair. Moreover, I shall be grateful to have a family although we're not rich. Besides, I told myself don't get demotivated although I don't have the "Entrepreneur DNA" that can swift and pivot very fast when they face some problem. Before I end my post, I would like to share the "Suan Shen Me Nan Ren" (算什么男人), What Kind Of Man Are You song by Jay Chou (周杰倫) as shown below.
The lyrics that I really likes is shown below together with it's English translation.


What kind of man are you?
What kind of man?
Watching her leave without seeing or asking.
How naive can you be, stop pretending.
She waits for you to pull her back instead of you politely step aside.

Still in love but too scared to tell her "wait".
It's ok if you keep playing your part,
She'll meet a better man...
At this moment of writing, I think I have listen to this song for almost 100+ times as I listened to it repeated the whole day as I really like this song very much.

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