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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Watching Dota 2 LIVE TI5: Fnatic VS LGD Team In Malaysia Experience

During the night, I just watch the Dota 2 LIVE TI5 whereby Fnatic VS LGD team in Malaysia. At first I try to watch it at the link http://www.dota2.com/watch/76561198198486997 but the line is not stable. I'm not able to watch the game smoothly because I didn't download Dota 2 in my laptop. Then I watch the game at http://www.dota2.com/international/live/ and they're using Youtube to stream as below.
Overall it is a great experience to watch it live although it has been a long time I didn't play Dota 2. Anyways, just wish good luck to Mushi and his team as below.
On the other hand, you can watch the opening of The International 2015 DOTA 2 Championships (Ti5) LIVE on Tuesday, 4th August, 2015 at 1:00am on Astro SuperSport Plus Channel 808 and on Astro On The Go.

The Effortless Man SuperHero Show Up At Kuala Lumpur Area With Fast And Cash On Delivery

Just sharing the Effortless Man SuperHero show up at Kuala Lumpur area with fast and cash on delivery by Lazada.

Who is this man cladded in the superhero costume? What is he doing in Kuala Lumpur? Hang on tight to your seats, dear ladies and gents. Because this is the EffortlessMan from Lazada Malaysia. He will appear around Kuala Lumpur for the current ongoing contest held by Lazada Malaysia.

This contest is in conjunction with "The Big Effortless Shopping Sale" that is happening at Lazada Malaysia, with plethora of items and products to choose from - all with unbelievable prices and offers! Discover more here: www.lazada.com.my/effortless-shopping

What does EffortlessMan have to do with the contest? Well, you are in for a treat because you stand a chance to win RM 100 shopping voucher from Lazada Malaysia!

First Contest - RM 100 Shopping Voucher for 2 Lucky Winners EVERY DAY
+ Take a selfie with the EffortlessMan himself. (Clue: He will be around KL every now and then. Stay up-to-date with Lazada Malaysia's Facebook and Instagram accounts for his current whereabouts.
+ Upload the picture to your Facebook account with these hashtags: #EffortlessManHunt and #Lazada Malaysia
+ Winners will be chosen based on their creativity. Isn’t that simple?!

Second Contest - RM 100 Shopping Voucher for 3 Lucky Winners EVERY DAY
+ Leave a comment on this page: www.lazada.com.my/effortless-manhunt
+ Guess where EffortlessMan will be next.
+ Those who come up with right/closest answer of his next location will stand a chance to win the RM 100 shopping voucher!

Simple, right?

For more information, please visit Lazada Malaysia's official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Feel free to check out their latest Youtube video below.
Have a nice day~

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