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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How I Spend RM1,218 Within 24 Hour After Get My Salary And Got RM100 Increase For Job Confirmation

Today I was feeling quite moderate. Upon arrival office, one of my colleague told me that our salary for this month has been released. Then I quickly went to check on the CIMB apps and just found out that there is only around RM100 increment after my job confirmation and it is actually just RM88.50 after minus the EPF. Anyways, it is quite hard to leave my current job after confirmation since it require 2 month of notice before resign. During the morning, there is some problem with my computer and the IT team pass me a new laptop to do my data entry job. Around 1.10pm I went to have my lunch at Mayflower Brickfields with my colleague. Somehow I just ordered the Hainam chicken rice for RM5 adding extra rice for RM0.70 which is cost for RM5.70 in the end. Frankly speaking, I'm still thinking about the salary part because what I get now is what I get last time before I went to UK Sheffield to further my degree study.

Upon arrival office, I continue to do my stuff although I did envy about my big boss keep bring his sales team go out eat good food and can mixed around while we're being abandon in someway as a support team. Besides, it is quite true that employer are willing to pay high for IT staff as no one would really pay high for someone who doing "donkey" job such as data entry office boy. During the evening, I was scold advice by my manager for being slow performing my job task. She said that she are able to finish all the task yesterday before 2pm instead of becoming like me need to finish after office hour. In the end, I'm just speechless and make a move from office around 6.35pm. Seriously there is no reason to explain to others people why I'm so slow despite I have my "own goal" to achieve in this company despite my main task being delayed in someway. Anyways, I took the MyRapid Monorail to Bukit Bintang to research something.

Honestly, I did feel "emo" in someway after get scold advice and I feel a bit better when I walk around Sungei Wang shopping complex. Somehow I realized all those electronic and hand phone shop seems to be disappearing as you can see picture below.
Well, I do feel myself should be grateful when I saw those small child running around the roadside while her mother begging for mother but no one would really give a damn about them. After that, I just walked to Plaza Low Yat to continue my research for some electronic product and took some picture as below.
Finally I decided to have my dinner at KFC for the dinner plate which cost around RM13+ as I was lazy to do the research about what good food to eat around Bukit Bintang area as below.
Somehow the KFC is nice to eat as I can say it is worth than Red Lobster Malaysia for the price.

Around 9.12pm I took the train back home after withdraw RM300 from the CIMB ATM machine. Apparently I still think of my past about the 4~5 month that I am jobless during January as I feel myself had lost around RM10,000 earning power. Upon arrival at the train station, I went to the nearby Restoran Arafa mamak to have longan drinks for RM3 with Maggie mee goreng for RM3.80 as my supper while waiting my father to fetch me as shown below.
Finally I arrived back home at 10.50pm. Then I just quickly took my bath before start my computer for researching "something". Later on, I finally make the decision to take the risk to "invest something" that related to drop shipping and here is how I spend RM1,218 within 24 hour after get my salary and got RM100 increase for job confirmation as below.
1) UK loan repayment = RM500
2) Mother household = RM200
3) Father's car petrol RM50
4) "Secret drop shipping risk" = RM468
Seriously I really hope my "plan" will work out or else I will suffer in the end.

Great Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill (Guest Post)

Are you looking to cut your cellphone bills? Or maybe you're a technojunkie who only carries around the latest gizmos and gadgets? Then choosing a no-contract service plan may work to your advantage. For one, no-contract plans will not require you to be bogged down for a specified amount of time - the standard two years for instance, so that if you want to switch providers or buy a new phone in less time than what your contract states, you may do so without paying an early termination fee.

Granted that you’ll pay more upfront for a phone than you would if you were signing a contract, remember that no-contract plans will not surprise you with miscellaneous surcharges and hidden fees, you will only pay according to your usage. So if you're a light cellphone user and you don't care much for perks and what seems to be an endless array of new gimmicks and phone services, then a no-contract-based service may be the most economical choice for you. If you do prefer or are already on a contract deal with a major carrier however, here are some ways you can save money on your phone bill.

Trim the extra features and services from your phone. Information or 411 calls, roadside assistance and cellphone insurance, horoscope texts, custom ringtones, call waiting, toll-free calls - hardly anyone pays for these services anymore, so do away with these unnecessary phone features and keep only those that are basic and ones you use on a regular basis.

Pick a plan that is just right for you. Of course it wouldn't hurt to track your usage patterns. If you text a lot, obviously, purchase the unlimited text plan. Or if you only make local calls, get the local-only plan. Closely review your bill to make sure you are not paying for extra minutes, text messages, or data plans that you don't use. Furthermore, look for a plan that will let you roll over unused time from previous month to the next.

Save on your minutes and data costs by using free apps and wi-fi whenever you can. You can use Skype, Viber, Google Voice, and Apple’s FaceTime app to make calls, heck, you can even use your landline phone when you're home or at the office.

Get your friends and family to jump on the bandwagon with you. A lot of companies, though they don't necessarily advertise this, offer if not free, then lower rate in-network calls. A family plan could very well save you lots of money.

The same is true for bundling your phone, cable and/or internet services into one plan. You may save more this way than if you're paying for each service separately.

There are all sorts of discounts you need to be aware of - credit card promos, coupons, employees and students discounts. A little research will sure save you money. Also, sometimes, receiving a price break is just a matter of asking your cell phone company for it.

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