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Friday, July 22, 2016

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Currently this blog is on offline notice until everything settle.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You Should Travel When You're Still Young @ RM500 Budget Flight & Hotel From Malaysia

Hey guys, it's been a long time since my last blog post on last week. Well, I still facing some "issue" and it hasn't been solved yet since "it has been delayed" on last weekend. Somehow I'm not sure when it is my last blog post and when this blog might need to be shut down due to some incident. Just can say don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. During the morning, it seems that I have received some sort of "good news" about a job opening for Senior Executive position for Online Marketing roles in the Travel Industry. The offered salary was great at Mid Valley, KL area but I will get back to that issue later on this blog post. During the afternoon, my supervisor, Ms A shared some chocolate that she bought at Perth, Australia. We did have some short chat and suddenly I have a deep thought when she said "You should travel when you're still young" in Malaysia. I just replied her that I have some "budget problem" and she said you don't need a lot when you travel.

This short conversation somehow just make me pondering as I didn't travel for quite some time and what she said might be real if you choose those Asian country to travel instead of those western country. I just do a quick search about the flight+hotel promotion from "Xirasiago" (don't want promote the exact name since didn't get any sponsored for 8% off promo code like other bloggers, haha) website and it seems quite true when I select the option to travel on next week. After office hour end, I do some in depth research about travelling and found some new country that I might able to travel within RM500 budget for flight and accommodation. As I start to have interest to travel, somehow I just received a message about the dog medication and suddenly don't have mood at that moment while having the company party at office. I just drove back home to know the details about the illness and we will bear the medical cost for the dog.

Seriously I felt that life is really unpredictable as you can see so many things can happen in a day from having a new job opportunity, interest to travel but end up in medication bills thingy. Anyways, this blog post is just to share that it is true about "You Should Travel When You're Still Young!" because we don't know what will happen next. As I say no $$ to travel right, but somehow with the budget of RM500 ~ RM1,000 for flight+accommodation for any 4 days and 3 nights vacation, you really can travel to almost 16 country. I had tried to search the travel date starting from next week Friday, 24 Jun – Mon, 27 Jun, 1 ticket, 1 room, 3 nights (The trip prices shown below include Flight + Hotel, taxes and fees, but do not include baggage fees or other fees charged directly by the airline for the included flight) as an example shown starting as low as mentioned below.

1) Singapore - RM332
2) Bangkok, Thailand - RM383
3) Phnom Penh, Cambodia - RM401
4) Yangon, Myanmar - RM449
5) Vientiane, Laos - RM488

So with RM500 budget for flight+accommodation, you can travel to the 5 country stated above with 4 days 3 night and it will be cheaper if you book shorter period such as 3 days 2 nigh or further than the date stated above because it is a last minute planning.

If you have a budget of RM500 to RM1,000 for flight and accommodation, you can travel to the country stated below.
6) Jakarta, Indonesia - RM577
7) Manila, Philippines - RM664
8) Brunei - RM724
9) Hanoi, Vietnam - RM741
10) Colombo, Sri Lanka - RM757
11) Hong Kong - RM802
12) Osaka, Japan - RM852
13) Hyderabad, India - RM897
14) Perth, Australia - RM923
15) Busan, Korea - RM1,080
16) Taipei, Taiwan - RM1,084
So if you add extra RM500 for the food and miscellaneous, it would be around RM1,000 total expenditure for the first 5 country stated above for 4 days and 3 nights.

Apparently I had add up all expenses to travel all 16 country and it might cost around RM20,000 (RM19,154) as shown below. (Please note that picture below is for illustration sharing as I didn't travel like this before)
Seriously who will really give a try to execute the plan as shown above if you don't have the money? (Unless you get sponsored by Xirasiago to go?)

Frankly speaking, I do felt that if didn't pay UK loan (RM500) monthly or Myvi car loan (RM501) monthly, the money can be use to travel those budget country like Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and etc (try search RM500 range for 4 days 3 night or 3 days 2 night, accommodation + flight return included) add on RM501 as 4 days expenses, means I already travel to so many place within 1 year right? I have an online friend shared that she spend almost RM20,000 (RM16,000 at least) that she saved within 2 years duration just to travel to UK and other Europe country. As for my personal experience to travel to those country, I still remember I went to Belgium Brussels Atomium, Holland Zaanse Schans, Amsterdam Red Light District for my first day Europe Trip experience after finish the study at Sheffield Hallam University back in 2013.

Anyways, what is done is done and we just can move forward in life. So back to the job salary part that I mentioned in first paragraph of this article. I still believe that having a higher salary would be able to let you achieve or do the things that you want to do such as travelling or buying the things that you want. Somehow there is no exact salary guide about what you should earn at which age because different people having different stages of life. What we can see is just a guidance or X amount of salary that might be achievable for certain profession as shown below.
It seems that you can earn a lot $$ through SAP field but unfortunately I didn't work in that field although I have attended the course and graduated back in 2015. For now, I ended up working in the digital marketing field and it seems that the potential earning would be earning up to RM6,000+ monthly if I able to work up to the Digital Marketing Manager position one day. Over time, I really wish I can create some value to some people but it seems that it doesn't go the other way round if you measure the passion with monetary value. I just saw my blog is worth $4.67 USD monthly payment from Facebook Audience Network platform shown below.
Obviously you can't sustain with such revenue if you really do it for passion? I have no definite answer for this because everyone is different. Perhaps life is all about how you see a thing, some people say it is so hard to earn $$ while some people say so easy to earn $$ in Malaysia. In the end, we just can stay positive and be strong to overcome any difficulties in life.

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