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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Christmas & New Year Set @ SKY360° Rooftop eCity Hotel, One City Subang Jaya Experience

During the night, I have an opportunity to savour the flavour of the festive season at SKY360° restaurant at Rooftop of eCity Hotel, One City Subang Jaya. Around 6.30pm I depart from Asia Jaya and it took me about 2 hour to reach the destination due to traffic jam. Upon arrival, I park my car at the Basement 1 floor and took a picture of it as I often forget where I park my car.
Upon walking in the eCity Hotel at One City, it looks classy as I taken some picture around.
Well, my friend arrived there earlier and guided me the venue when I arrived the Rooftop. After meet up with Ms Izreen, I took some picture around the SKY360° restaurant.
I get to know the details about the food being served from Christmas & New Year Set menu.
We're served with this lovely fruit beverage as our drinks.
The appetizer that is being served to us is Crusted Tuna Loin with Mesclun Green, Orange dressing.
The taste of this dish left a fine dining feelings for me and it taste similar to Japanese Maguro sushi for my experience. Next, we're being served with the Chicken Royale Consomm's soup.
I like the biscuit and the taste of this soup is similar to the ABC soup that my mother cooked. After that, the Granita we have is beetroot raspberry and I like the top tip of the glass decoration which consists of salt and sugar as it suddenly reminds me of the Comma cafe drinks.
Finally the main dish have arrived and I get to try out the Corn-Fed chicken with Spinach and Ricotta with mushroom sauce, truffle mashed potato and garden fresh vegetable.
The decoration looks great and inside the chicken is stuffed with spinach.
Besides, I have the chance to try out the Salmon fillet with Capers Relish, Lemon Ginger cream sauce, boiled potatoes and garden fresh vegetables, thanks to the beautiful girl who shared this dish with me.
As for the dessert, we're having Walnut Caramel crusted tart with sour cream and berries compote.
Not to forget, thanks to this two lovely chef who prepare the dish.
After that, I took some picture around the Christmas tree.
Below is the details information about SKY360° Rooftop eCity Hotel, One City Subang Jaya.
Address: SKY360, Rooftop, eCity Hotel of OneCity, Jalan USJ 25/1, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Overall the eating experience here is awesome!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CleanBites - Your Health Food To Eat Well One Step At A Time Experience

Last week I was interested a new startup food concept where they provide healthy food to people. Well, it is known as CleanBites as a introduction to health food website. They serve delicious, healthy and balanced food and it can help you save a lot of time thinking what food is healthy for you. Upon create and login to their website, I saw there is 3 level of food which is Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 as each level introduce healthier choices of food. Level 1 being something that is closest to what we are used to and level 3 being the healthiest and taste the most foreign. With every food you learn 1 new thing about making healthier choices. For example white rice vs brown rice, the 5 whites to avoid (sugar, salt,flour, white rice and white pasta) etc adapted from CleanBites Medium page. It will be the avenue through to introduce healthy eating to Malaysians and kindergarten for healthy food.

Below is the printscreen of 3 different level of food together with the special ingredient sauce and gym friendly package.
The subscription package which is divided to simple for RM85, Lifestyle + dessert for RM280 and Lifestyle for RM324 monthly respectively as below.
Well, I just choose the ala carte set which is Grilled prawn w/ brown rice vermicelli for RM16, Poached Chicken Mango Slaw for RM18 and Chewy Barley Malt Granola Bars for RM8 which total add up of RM42 as below.
Apparently they have delivered the food to my house this afternoon but I'm not home since I'm still working. Upon arrived back home later on the night, I just took out the foods from the refrigerator as below.
Well, I just put it to the steamer for 10 minute and it is ready for eat when I poured the sauce into it.
I like the Grilled prawn w/ brown rice vermicelli more than Poached Chicken Mango Slaw for my food review experience. As for the Chewy Barley Malt Granola Bars, I don't really like it as it taste not really sweet for me but I know it is a healthy food.
Overall it is a great experience for me to try out new stuff. Currently they are provide delivering to Seri Petaling, Bukit Jalil, OUG, and Kuchai Lama.
Moreover, they're providing FREE delivery to Subang USJ, Petaling Jaya and Desa Sri Hartamas for a limited time.
Other areas will require a delivery charge of RM10 and there is FREE lunch if you're on Jalan Ampang.
Feel free to try out their healthy food menu today. You can start to order the food at Today!

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