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Monday, March 02, 2015

Sudden Grown Up To Be More Mature And Positive After Tender Resignation Letter As I Wish To Know All This Lessons Earlier As A 25 Year Old Guy In Malaysia

Today I woke up at 6.50am. Frankly speaking, I was having a hard time sleep (insomnia) yesterday due to the "crazy guy" who keep spam my real friend inbox issue and I just go drink the Korean soju that I get from food review last time to make myself easily fall asleep. Upon awaken, I do felt quite tiring and just sleep all the way to KL Sentral to recharge some energy lost just like practicing the polyphasic sleep or gain some power nap. Upon arrived office, I quickly do all the routine job as usual although my manager take leave today. Suddenly my colleague just received a phone call from the marketing department as one of them is asking me whether I got come to work today. My first instinct was to check my real Facebook account and the marketing manager asked me to check the "eye" company Facebook page where someone with my name and profile has posted a nasty message on the timeline. Please note that all information posted here is real and believing or not is up to you.

When I check the company webpage, I was shocked because I saw the similar message that the "Crazy Guy" had add all my friends and send all over my FB contact as below. (This imaged is credited to Ms Wandee who screen shot it)
Well, obviously this message is not written by me if you saw the English and the reason I really feel angry is because he is accusing me for things that I didn't do especially the last word about fxxk the manager. Frankly speaking, my manager is good as she is a very caring person to her family and I truly respect her. I know it could be mean for me to express some inner feeling of hatred when I got scold due to some mistake but that's the human nature right? Anyways, I just quickly ask the marketing manager to delete the status before anyone see it because this kind of thing will eventually spoil the company image.

Somehow I just feel so nervous and couldn't react much if you're me who saw this kind of message that posted up in the company page that you're working with. Well, my mind went totally blank at that moment because you don't even know why that crazy guy keep create new account to spam all those message as I tried so hard to report every account that he created. Seriously I just feel this is too over and childish because it had cross overboard until causing harassment to me since few day ago especially he posted out in the company page which nothing do with the company right? In fact, I couldn't report to police since I don't really enlarge the issue and it just make myself looks more stupid to care about this matters. In fact, one of the reason that he is right that I do gain some ads review in return as I learned the monetize content method from the CEO Of Asia Media Publishing at D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2014 MaGIC Cyberjaya Malaysia last time.

Well, I didn't really plan to monetize it at first if you can see my record for the past few year as I just wrote 1 post per day instead of few post when I got to know that one of the way to generate website traffic is as below.
In addition, I do start to have some motivation to continue write after getting some "funding" since November 2014 as he do remind me to be low profile because others people will "red eye" on you if you're too high profile which is a valuable lesson to learn from him. Apparently I thought it is okay to be "high profile" in the online world since I'm being a low profile by working as a data entry office boy in real life. After some moment in the morning, I couldn't concentrate much when this issue happened and phoned up my brother for advice. (Always contact your family members as your first priority for anything happen)

Well, I couldn't say much about all the things that happen in one short. However, I do get some very good advice that caused me fall into tears. Actually all this things won't happen if I didn't retrieve back my blog back and changed to this new domain from the old domain name which I didn't renew due to the "January Incident" and bought over by someone to make don't know what porn website. The intention for continue to write is to see what will happen after the advice "GDK Sifu" to stop writing and I just want to proof that he could be wrong as I'm not sure whether my parents have gave him the RM18,888 for the consultation fee for my spiritual issue last time. I tried to get myself up so badly and quickly start to work as soon as possible just to make my parent feel relieve that I'm a normal person. In fact, how could I challenge all those Chinese Hell's related story as I could be the first person who run out from the Gate of Hell in the imaginary world?

Anyways, it is all past now but my tears just slightly drop as I keep holding it since people are passing by at the 18th floor. During the afternoon, I went to have Peter's pork noodle but don't have mood to eat as I keep think about the issue. It is because I had recall what my brother said to me which is meaningful to remember as below.
1) No people would really care or want to know about your life as you're not celebrity, people live in present, not past. If people still using your old story to threaten you, just say that is my past, not the present. (lives goes on no matter what happen)
2) No people will keep tell others people their own weakness as everyone will always mention more about their strength and I don't know why you keep do the another way round.
3) No people would want to know where you eat, how much you use by taking all those payment proof, and it shows you're just an attention seeker and doing things for a reason.
4) No people like to be with a negative mindset person.
5) The more you explain, the more worst, or feel concern about certain thing like this blog, the more the "crazy guy" will harass you because no people will really talk to a wood that doesn't react, the best way is don't reply.
6) Last but not least, always STAY HUMBLE no matter how high you are.

Upon arrived back office, I continue to do my work as there is a lot of time wasted. Apparently I do heard some whispering voices like teasing me as "how this guy can write so many pages" and I just quickly disabled my blog via the phone to be more concentrate on working. Around 7pm I make a move from office because it is the last call for working and I just tender a resignation letter via email to my manager after deep consideration. After that, I decided to eat at one of my favourite Japanese restaurant which is Sushi Zanmai Nu Sentral. Upon arrival, I just ordered the food that I really like to eat especially the salmon set as below.
This is my first time try the Unagi and I really like it although the price is more expensive as below.
It is because my mind was "damaged" this morning and just felt relieve after tender the letter as I'm awaiting for my new opportunity in life.

While I was eating alone, I do heard two guy beside me talk about the SPM result and just feel that every age is doing different stuff. Moreover, there is another guy treating his girlfriend eating the tofu sushi and seems to be so happy together. Well, I couldn't envy much and told myself to be strong as I won't do any stupid thing after the past incident and I will get stronger for every mistake I make in life. In fact, I just wish that I can know all great lessons earlier although it is quite late as a 25 year old guy. Apparently you can choose to be positive and say positive things which is just a matter of choice. For instance, I can say that I have done a few great jobs although it is a small achievement in the company as my milestone below.
1) Managed to recon/secure over 1,000,000+ online transaction for the past almost one year.
2) Provide good customer service by answering call within 5 second.
3) Process payout for VIP and normal merchant in time.
4) Follow up refunds for movie tickets upon customer call.
5) Having integrity by processing those installment plan for credit card information.

Well, this is those positive things that I could think of if I don't mention about those data entry keyword. After paying about RM60 for the bills, I quickly went to take train back home as below.
Upon arrived my destination train station, it seems that my Redmi Note couldn't function and my iPhone battery finish when I try to request taxi. Anyways, I waited for about 1 hour+ for my father to fetch me. During the moment at the car, fathers talk about his business not doing well at all and I just mention that he could be a Uber driver that can earn up to RM3,000+ per month. Somehow my father seems to be really serious about it and he say he could be the first person who provide Uber service in Klang area. Suddenly my tears went down when he say he will work in Singapore if can to earn extra income and give me his car to drive to work in KL although he is already 63+ years old. I just wondering what reason I have to give up my life? ‪#‎truestory‬

Throughout the years, I had been rant a lot about father business no good until almost went bankrupt without taking any action to help him. No doubt there is once a glory to have about 30+ employee in the factory and being greeted as "anak boss" last time but what does it really brings? In fact, I told myself it is useless to keep compare my father with others secondary friend's father who is far more rich driving those Merz, Audi, Bentley or other luxury car. Well, I feel that the secret to happy in life is to be grateful (知足是常乐) about what you have in life. It is because I do saw some blind people also can get married and being happy with their love life. Beside, my colleague told me that my salary is the highest among other staff that same position with me as I shall be grateful. Furthermore, it is better to give thing better than take thing from others people and you must feel great about yourself. For now, I would just hope that I can faster finish settle the UK loan which I need to pay RM500 every month and treat my parents better as it is a lifetime serving until they're not around. Hence, I don't think I need a girlfriend now although I will think about her sometime when I saw some couple walking past. My current goal is to earn more money so that my parent especially my father don't need to work until 70 year old. Suddenly I just want to share this touching short film about "Daddy Is Just Great But...He Lies..." (爸爸的故事) as below.
At last, I just feel myself seems to be having a sudden growth overnight, thanks to the "crazy guy" to be more mature and positive after tender resignation letter as I wish to know all this lesson earlier as a 25 year old guy. Life about growing up is tough although I wish can travel back in time to young age to change it as below.
This could be my last blog post and thanks you very much for dropping by.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Please Put Your Family As Your Main Priority In Your Life

Today I woke up at 11am. Apparently this blog post post title should be a happy one such as "buying macbook pro" experience. However my some friends send me a message about someone is imposing me. Well, I'm not sure why he want to do it but this is just so annoying as he simply accusing me for doing the things that I never did especially the sex part. Anyways, I think it is useless to clarity anything and just let time proves everything. Guess I shall applaud for his effort to keep spamming my picture all over the internet? Anyways, I saw a status which is quite meaningful to share about How to work well and enjoy it as below.
I wish to share some of my experiences and give some advice to working adults.
Firstly, avoid getting into arguments with your colleagues or your boss or students.
Look into your weakness and the goodness of your friends, students and your boss.
Watch what you say, others are entitled not to agree with you.
All good and bad incidents will pass and you will be stronger and wiser. Silence is golden.
Secondly, you need good time management. Do only the most important first, other work can wait.
Thirdly, do not be too helpful and overstretch yourself.
Fourthly, do regular exercise as this helps to cheer you up, strengthens both your body and mind.
Lastly, eat a balanced diet and have at least eight hours of sleep.
On the other hand, I just watches some videos to make myself forget about that incident such as Paper Crane Love (纸鹤爱) Story and How Much Is Your Girlfriend as below.
Furthermore, I would like to talk about What Can You Do If You Don't Have College Or University Certificate Qualification In Malaysia? (拿掉你现在的专业,你还剩什么). I don't really have much contingency plan if anything serious happening to me this week. In fact, I just told my brother and sister about this "sabotage" issue as someone keep spamming them. Somehow my brother start to accept what I do about all this blogging stuff and my sister say "you got so famous meh" until people want do this kind of thing? Anyways, she told me don't post so much stuff anymore in future because this is the dangerous of social media. At last, I would like to say that no matter what happen in your life, please put your family as the main priority in your life before friend because those stranger that insulted you online don't really worth your time to be angry. In fact, most of your sibling and parents will always support you. Endure it and everything will be fine in future.

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