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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bootstrap Growth Hacking For Startups (Rodrigo Martinez, Founder Of HPG) @ D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2014 MaGIC Cyberjaya Malaysia Experience

Just sharing the Bootstrap Growth Hacking For Startups program by Rodrigo Martinez, Founder of HPG) at D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2014 event in MaGIC Cyberjaya Malaysia experience. Well, I do ask the speaker whether I can share this information in my blog and he approved. During the morning at 10.15am, the speaker start to share his knowledge on the past in the main auditorium hall. Somehow I like the slide saying that "Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster" by David Ogilvy as shown below.
His advice is that if the product quality is not good, no matter how much advertising you spend to promote the product would be fail. The next slide talk about Steve Job company, Apple did not invent the MP3 player, smartphone and tablet as shown below.
I don't really know since I didn't read Steve Job books.

After that, the slide talk about how will you differentiate with Viber company as shown below.
He say it is all about enriching user experience and Viber success is by word of mouth (golden rule) with existing enthusiasm. One thing he share is that he wouldn't like the website who ask about what type of card you're using because obviously that the card start with 4 is Visa, 5 is Mastercard and 3 is American Express. It is all about building a MEMORABLE viable product instead as shown below.
If you want to be successful, you need to find people who have been there, done that. In deed people like to boast about their achievement and we should make the product more easy to use. Then he show the pre-conception slide which I not very understand as shown below.
Apparently the lesson that he learned had taken him 7 years to get acquired by others bigger company and you really need to be very decisive in your journey by making a firm decision in your life.

The sharing session continued with the "Accurate analysis of over 25,000 men and women who had experienced failure, disclosed the fact that LACK OF DECISION was near the head of the list of the 30 major causes of FAILURE. This is no mere statement of a theory, it is a fact" by Napoleon Hill slide as shown below.
He said that "I want to build and sell an even bigger company, but with less investment in time and money!" as his passion for success as shown below.
Eventually his website have become one of the top 10 domain name in Brazil from 7th rank at January 2001 to number 4th at May 2001 until become the 3rd largest portal in June 2001 as below.
I was pretty impressive when saw his achievement when he say it is done without investor and advertisement which seems to be quite hard to do it nowadays unless you have a very good product.

He say's that the success is 3 times bigger and 1/5 of the time taken as shown below.
Then he shared the quote saying that "Innovation, to put it simply, is about making things better" by Carl Bass, President and CEO of Autodesk as shown below.
The session ends with question and answer (Q&A) and his contact is shown below.
Below is the notes that I had written on my books as it is just for my own reference since my mind couldn't digest or think much what he say at this moment of writing this blog post.

1) Google CEO like to acquire the company that pass the toothbrush test.
2) Bull-eye to existing enthusiasm.
3) Objective is to built and sell company.
4) Create job, revenue and being sustainable.
5) Every father like to boast about their kid, built something that can tell them they're doing great.
6) Human capital and intellectual capital is important.
7) If you're boss, tell your employee that you want to help them to become a millionaire
8) Get out from the building, ask the customer.
9) If you can help everybody in your company to be successful, it will be a blissful lifetime.
10) Don't rush, take your time to achieve success.

Somehow there is still a lot of sharing such as the merger and acquisition strategy and it is about build the company to be sold to people who made the best offer. Over time, he shared that using Twitter is much more better than other social media like Facebook because the thing you post in Twitter will be 100% seen by your follower. I guess that's all from his sharing about Bootstrap Growth Hacking for Startups at MaGIC Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre main auditorium hall. I'm grateful to learn this knowledge and it seems like it is true that you will gain more knowledge by listening to others people sharing instead of staying inside office working as a data entry office boy. Maybe I shall venture to sales job where I can have more flexible time to do my stuff although there will be some stress if you can't achieve sales target. For now, my future still unforeseen but I believe I might able to find the answer to success one day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kyros Kebab And Fresh Coconut Float Milkshake At Quizinn Food Court By Rasa Nu Sentral But Get Food Poisoning Experience

Today I woke up at 7am. Then I quickly get myself prepared to work. Somehow I do saw the girls couple again inside the train just like yesterday. Upon arrived office, I quickly do the daily routine job as today is the payout day for VIP and normal merchant. Frankly speaking, the task for nowadays seems to be the same although my manager wished that I can do it in a more faster way when there's a competition. Apparently I do gain some extraordinary experience whenever I apply annual leave to attend event which can let the new colleague guide to show off that he is doing my task faster than me in someway. During the afternoon, I walked to Nu Sentral shopping mall with colleague since the weather is raining and they're still decoration the Christmas 2014 event at the main hall as there is a little improvement from yesterday.
Somehow I still undecided whether what to eat at Quizinn Food Court By Rasa Nu Sentral.

Suddenly when I walk past the Kyros Kebab food stall, I decided to try out their Kebab from the menu as shown below.
It is because it has been a long time that I didn't have kebab since the last time I eat is at Kebabish Express and Chino's Kebabs last year back in Sheffield, United Kingdom. When the food arrived, the taste seems to be not very nice if compared to what I ate before in Sheffield but it is still eatable as shown below.
After that, I also tried the Fresh Coconut Float Milkshake for RM5.50 at the juice store as below.
Before I left there, I asked the staff to "tapao" (take away) the coconut milkshake as below.
Upon arrived office, I continue to do my work task. After some moment, I felt a little stomachache and quickly go to the toilet to do "big business". It seems I have been "giving out" a lot of water during my big business.

When I reach back to my place, I still feel I have a little stomachache but I endure it. Around 4.10pm I couldn't stand anymore and quickly go to toilet to "settle" again. Then I start to feel weak for my body as I'm giving out all the "water". This thing goes on when I go to the toilet again to "settle" where I had went to there for at least 3 times++. Around 6.20pm I make a move from office and quickly walk to the KL Sentral to buy some sour stuff to eat. During the moment at the train, I was feeling too tired as I am "standing sleep" and quickly go to sit after the train reach Subang KTM. Around 7.45pm I arrived my destination and told my father about it my stomachache issue. Well, my father keep advice me to not simply eat food next time and remember to sleep early as a human require at least 5 hour sleep. Besides, he told me to not feel envy about the drilling supervisor job because it is a high risk job.

Finally I arrived home at 8.10pm and didn't take any dinner after taken my bath due to no appetite. Then I just take a nap at around 9pm before doing any other things. The moment I woke up again is 10.10pm and I quickly updated the delayed blog post about "Being Monitored At Work By Manager Version 2.0 In Malaysia Experience" although I was feeling sick. Later on, we managed to find the oral dehydration salt and charcoal pills which recommended by online friend as shown below.
After that, I just took the oral dehydration salt water and the taste is awful to drink since there is no any flavour. Then I took a soluble panadol instead of charcoal pills as I'm having fever. As I finished writing this blog post, I quickly go to sleep because I will be going to D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2014 event at MaGIC Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre tomorrow as I wish my food poisoning illness will be cured by that time, good night.

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