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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Ugly Side Of Support Team Job In Malaysia

Today I have a quite tiring day as I went to a lot of places after work. Anyways, I would like to cut short what I want to say as I'm feeling too tired to update blog post. Upon reach KL Sentral, I bought Egg Mc Muffin as breakfast. When arive office, I continue do my routine job as usual. Somehow I'm able to finish all the bank reconciliation and told the finance department to do all the VIP merchant payout before 9.40am which is a new achievement. Frankly speaking, I did feel a little "emos" when I still remember what Mr Tang from Reebonz Malaysia say that he give the his finance girl to do all the bank reconciliation statement as it seems like a girly job. During the morning, my manager come out and scold advice another Malay's colleague with a louder voice about replying the email to the customer and merchant. When the manager go back to the room, suddenly I saw the colleague cried out of sudden. Then another colleague comforted her and don't know why cry together too.

Somehow I just feel myself seems to be a little stronger although I have been scold by manager few day ago and I'm still able to hold my tears although it seems to be burst out if she keep saying. Anyways, I would like to share the ugly side of support team job in Malaysia. A lot of people didn't realize the people who work in customer service having a lot of stress although they seems to be not really important to the company. It is because no matter how ridiculous the customer or merchant is, we still need to face it with a positive side despite it is not our fault. Moreover, you will feel not happy when get scold especially you're getting low paid as I heard some customer service job in Digi can paid up to RM4,000+ salary per month. Would you willing to get scold and get high salary or get scold and get low salary? Besides, I did feel guilty when sometime my colleague help me to bear the "scold" from customer/merchant from my fault.

Hence, the word that I heard is always "remember jangan susahkan teammate kamu yah masa buat support" which carry the means that don't trouble your team mate when we help out each others. During the afternoon, we just order some Domino pizza as some colleague don't feel like eating due to no mood. After that, I applied leave again for MSC Malaysia TOD 2014 at Cyberjaya that happening at MaGIC Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre although my manager didn't say much stuff. Around 6.05pm I quickly get myself prepared and make a move from office. Somehow I just wondering what to eat around KLCC, Pavilion, Sungai Wang, Plaza Lowyat and Berjaya Time Square as my mother didn't cook. At last I just eat at Lot 10 Hutong and ordered the Penang duck egg fried char kuay tiaw for RM12.50 and porridge for RM4.70 as shown below.
Seriously I just feel so full after I taken those two food as my dinner.

Around 8.30pm I make a move from there and took KTM back home. Finally I arrived home at 10.25pm and just feel so tired. Tonight I'm gonna recharge my body as I'm feeling too tired to write any blog post. Somehow I have a total of 25++ daily blog post still haven write as I sometime wonder is that really necessary to write so long? Imagine those time that I spend blogging could be do something else such as focusing on the new branding of my e-commerce website as I could appear in newspaper for spreading positive energy to people other than just express feeling to release stress. This blog post is just simply write out and will re-edit tomorrow. Before I end my post, I would like to share the "黃金剩女版 沒有車沒有房" video as shown below.
Seriously our life is just based on money to survive and I just feel frustrated when see people around me tends to be so successful. (人比人,气死人!)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Buy Sam’s Groceria Family Card Membership For RM12 @ Nu Sentral Shopping Mall Experience

Today I woke up with a "moody" feeling for no reason. In deed I shall be happy for able to eat quite good food such as the sweet and sour crab at Port Village Seafood Restaurant (港村海鲜楼) where I would want to eat there again if possible. During the moment at the train, I just take my 1 hour nap as usual along all the way to KL Sentral. Suddenly when I woke up, I realize that I'm on the half way to Kuala Lumpur KTM and just waited at the next station as shown below.
Hence, I just arrived office late again in someway but not that really late. During the morning, I just continue to do my daily routine job while let the new colleague guy to do the bank reconciliation although the feeling is like someone is stealing my "rice bowl" which means soon I will be replaced by others for being performing slow. After that, I just went in the room to do some bank stuff due to security issue has been tightened up.

During the afternoon, I went to Mayflower Brickfields to have my favourite spicy dry chili Homemade Pan Mee (手工板面) noodle but they seems charged me RM7 for it. Somehow I just listened to colleague gossip about foreign stuff and we went to Nu Sentral shopping mall to walk a while as I just saw the Happy Diwali (Deepavali) celebration is shown below.
Upon arrival office, I continue to do my stuff although I do have some thought at that moment. It seems like there is not much news after my presentation at that day as the boss is not around. Anyways, I think it is better to stay low profile as I felt it might create jealousy if I go find the boss to talk without passing through middle level management. After some moment, I just took another 5 minute nap on the toilet as my eye start to feel sleepy. Frankly speaking, I try to avoid let others people see that I'm sleepy by going to the toilet to wash my face.

Around 6.05pm I make a move from office instead of "pretending" hardworking like the new colleague guy when he asked me why go back so early. After that, I just walk to Sam’s Groceria at Nu Sentral to see anything to buy. Well, I was attracted with the Tao Kae Noi seaweed snack as shown below.
Then I just remember that there is a promotion of Sam’s Groceria Family Card Membership where you get RM10 FREE voucher when you buy the card for RM12 as shown below.
During the checkout, I tried to pay with the RM10 cash voucher but the snack only cost for RM9.50 and I felt myself a little cheapskate for saving RM0.50 by paying cash as below.
Anyways, they're special with the smart shopper self scan system as you can see below.
Well, it seems like quite easy to us but I never use it.

The instruction say you just need to scan the product by pressing yellow button and aim the product but I do feel quite weird if I want to use it.
Anyway, below is the details for Sam’s Groceria shop.
Address: Lot No, 1/48, Lower Ground Floor, Nu Sentral, Jalan Tun Sambathan, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 03-22722096, 1300-300-786
Website: https://www.facebook.com/samsgroceria
Well, I think I will come to buy again since I still got the RM10 FREE voucher which I haven use it yet. I guess next time I will be buying more chocolate since I like to eat chocolate very much to cure my down feelings.

After that, I just took the train home. Somehow it just remind me about the Top Ittipat Thailand movie while I was eating the "Tao Kae Noi" seaweed snack and the movie was shown below.
Around 7.45pm I arrived my train's destination and waited for my father to come while continue eating the seaweed snack. Finally I reached home at 8.50pm after my father fetch my mother to some place for prayer. During the night, I was eating my some "bi hun" noodle as my dinner alone while enjoying the seaweed snack as below.
Somehow I do wondering whether I can create such product like the guy and could this be my chance to be rich although it seems like an empty talk again. Later on, I just researched some information online. Somehow one of my friend phoned me and the first question he asked me is whether I trust him or not to give him RM2,300 to invest in his business.

He didn't say what the business is and he say it is a "test" to see whether I'm serious or not as this business is just based on TRUST. Besides, he also shared how he got disturbed by 3 different girls who want to be in a relationship with him. Those girls say that they don't mind if he like another girl. Frankly speaking, I'm "jelly" with him because we're same 24 years old but he seems to have more achievement. Sometime I did ask myself the reason of feeling "emo" was partly because not getting laid by girls or what but the answer seems to be not like that as it seems like more into money issue. Maybe my mindset is a little traditional where I thought maybe if you got money, you will eventually get all others stuff. Apparently I just keep telling myself don't keep compare with others friends who having same cert with me as they're getting better job title like business development manager, social media manager, senior financial executive, and some even can go into apps development although our school never teach that.

Seriously I just trying to overcome my inner feeling everyday and asked myself what's wrong being a data entry job? Then I also asked myself the reason of want to be a rich person other than just want to show off to other's people that I'm able to afford to buy BMW/Merz/Audi and stay in a big bungalow house? On the other hand, it is my first time to see Nuffnang got 12 advertisement going on at the same time as shown below.
Frankly speaking, I don't really earn much from those Nuff ads if you every read my "My First Nuffnang Payment After 4 Years" at that blue link beside. Furthermore, I just hope that I can success in my e-commerce field after studying so long as I felt myself is perfectly match for the "E-commerce and Marketing" title but just lack of real trial and error knowledge. Besides, I will definitely find my way to lessen down the RM1,000 monthly commitment as I knew the only way to overcome it is by doing sales. At last, I would like to share a meaningful Chinese sentences as shown below.


1) 给父母最好的礼物是––荣耀
2) 给朋友最好的礼物是––希望
3) 给孩子最好的礼物是––榜样
4) 给自己最好的礼物是––成就


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