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Monday, October 20, 2014

I Gave Out 150% Effort On Presentation To The Boss And Maybe This Is The Time To Quit Blogging

Today I woke up with a "hope", a hope that I can present well to my boss although I sleep around 3am+ yesterday after I had finished all the presentation slide and do some rehearsal. Somehow I felt guilty that I couldn't update my blog post since Saturday as every content is already in my phone note as I had promised to write the MaTECS 2014 event as well as the 2nd day MIBS event. Frankly speaking, I spend a lot of time to spend RM1,000 Groupon credit during Malaysia 1st Cybersale as they have RM500 rebate for every RM500 you spend last time and I wish to turn the credit into real cash by selling 1TB Hard Disk drive for RM250 each before negotiation. Upon arrival, I saw the train coming in and I just quickly run towards it. Unfortunately I couldn't catch up and just feel a little down as I watch it moving from behind as you can see below.
This story tells that even a different of 10 second can bring a lot of difference.

Therefore I arrived 20 minutes late to office upon arrival at KL Sentral. Surprising the new colleague guy didn't say I am "late king" when I reach. During the morning, I just do all the daily data routine job although got help from the new colleague guy although I need to endure his "over reacting action". (I really don't know what is his intention for doing this kind of action other than just to show to the manager that he is doing all those data entry stuff faster than me?) Anyways, I don't really feel threatened partly because I have some "backup" because if I really screwed from this data entry job, I still can work in online marketing and banking field since I have some connection of friends working in the corporate bank. After some moment, I start to think when is the best time to ask my boss about the offer he suggested last week and I was wondering whether I should find him first to talk about it or wait him to find me.

During the afternoon, I went to have my dinner alone because we have some schedule to go out since the receptionist had taken a week leave as our boss don't want no people answer call during lunch hour. Anyways, I went to have my lunch at Mc Donalds since I received RM10 voucher from Line Malaysia as shown below.
Upon arrival at McDonald KL Sentral, it was my first time to order Double GCB burger which is not in the menu and I just paid the leftover RM7.45 as shown below.
Somehow I do feel very full after eating and suddenly have the double burger double happiness feeling. Around 1.05pm I arrived office and finally take my first step to approach the boss since a lot of colleague had went out. The reason why I choose this time is because I don't want people know I find boss to talk because most of the time need to go through some "layer" to see top management.

The first question I ask the biggest boss is "Mr C, do you have 30 minutes to listen to my presentation" and he is cool enough to say yes although he have a meeting at 2pm. However, he asked another Mr C to join and I start to feel nervous because I'm okay to deal with 1 to 1 person instead of 2 people at the same time. Anyways, I take out my personal laptop from home and went to the small room to talk although one of the boss is still eating. Then I just wait my slow performance laptop to open and I think I should open it before find the boss talk although he said it is never mind to wait. After 5 minute pass, my personal laptop still opening but I start to talk something. How I open my first line is "I would like to share my life experience with you guys" just like the Top Ittipat Thailand movie when the main character want to borrow money if you ever watch it as below.
Somehow I start to feel my experience really like what shown in the movie.

It is because I started to say that I'm a reload card (handphone reload) seller during my secondary school. Then I also play Ragnarok game and earn game currency to sell into real money for rich kids who don't have time to play but want famous. From the game I start to found myself like to be the first person who set and determine the market price for the virtual game weapon and items. Somehow I told him that I managed to become one of the richest player in the game but unfortunately the Game Master (GM) or the person who incharge the game had closed the server and I lost everything that I own within a day. Furthermore, I told him this could be one of my reason why I choose "E-commerce and Marketing" to study during my diploma and advance diploma. Then I continue with the reason why I choose to go Sheffield UK to study to get my degree certification and how I end up having RM50,000 debt loan.

Suddenly I just feel this kind of feeling is like solo go fight two Roshan in Dota 2 online game where you will feel to have a little disadvantage. After my laptop finally turned on, I start to share my experience in my past group buying company back in 2012 and followed by game company back in 2013 before going to UK. There are total 2 Microsoft Word and another 2 Powerpoint slide as the last Powerpoint slide about the summary of my experience in Online Marketing from 2 different company for the past few year and ownself experience as the point shown below.
1) No matter how high the website traffic is, I think it is useless if you can't convert it into sales. The web advertising banner space alone is not able to sustain long if want to grow big because there is nothing much you can do after Google Adsense account get banned.

2) MIBS Event: Build your brand slowly through SEO and SEM, remember build a brand, not build a brand advertising, track your brand equities, either you go BIG, go Niche or go Home. See long term, not short term.

3) It is not only about making money, it is all about your mission and why do you do it? If you can’t sustain by your own, you need to find partner to support. It is all about the “soul” behind of the person who run the e-commerce website.

4) Everybody have a competitor, understand what you represent. If you have a good product, people will eventually buy.

5) Ethical and not ethical method, white hat or black hat strategy need to be tested out in a dummy site before implement.

6) Trends changes very fast every year, you will never have the perfect time to start if you keep waiting.

7) Content is King and do not chase algorithm like those Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird update.

8) Mobile is next trend, selling items in Facebook and Blog no need go through any payment gateway.

9) Focus on 3C = Content, Commerce and Community.

10) It is all about simple, trusted and branding.

So basically some of the ideas and information is I gain from attending the Malaysia Internet Business Summit (MIBS) 2014‏ and MaTECS 2014 event. After I finish my presentation, I start to get question from the two boss and I was still able to answer it. Well, Mr C is quite good enough to share some of his experience since he have 15+ years experience in this industry. Somehow I had thrown out my "Golden Card" that I wish to convince the Dato who have RM100,000,000+ worth of asset to invest in me since I have been working for him at the past. Unfortunately the biggest boss say the Dato won't be willing to spend RM20,000,000 on me since I know nothing and it seems like impossible. Besides, I also shared that I might get my capital from one of the ex-ex boss that I helped him to write property review back in 2010 as he are worth about RM13,000,000+ which I don't know real or not but he will be back by next year 2015 since he is still now in the United States.

After some moment, the biggest boss went out for meeting and I continue my sharing with the another boss. One thing that he shared to me is "Don't Rush To Be Successful" when I keep shared to him a lot of young successful entrepreneur in Malaysia. Seriously I really feel "emo" about why "Zen" that I meet yesterday can be successful in e-commerce as he still having 8 hour+ sleep everyday instead of having 3~5 hour sleep like me as he is still so successful as shown below.
The another advice from the boss is don't keep compare yourself with other as you will suffer (人比人,比死人) in the end. The whole discussion last about 1 and half hour and I felt myself totally exhausted after the presentation. The world that left me a strong memory is "corporate is not doing charity" as if company willing to spend money on me, I must contribute back. The next assignment that he give me is to find a way to provide a better suggestion for their "M" or "I" website.

Somehow I do feel a little down because in the end still need to help other people to promote and find a better solution instead of starting my own. When I reach back my seat, the new guy colleague just say "Ceh, presentation only mah, I also know how to do loh" and my reply to him is "then you just go talk to the boss lah" as I'm not in the mood to entertain him. Around 2.55pm I went to the toilet and took a 5 minute power nap before going back to office. Honestly, I start to wondering what is the thing really happen just now? Is it because I don't prepare well? Is it because my body is shaking which show a sign that I lack of confidence and the result seems to be not good although I learned something from the sharing instead of facing data everyday. Basically I think I had lost this war since all the SEO knowledge that I share seems to be just a tipping point of an ice when compared to him who have so many years of experience.

Anyways, I continue to do my data entry job although I feel tired and I took another 5 minute power nap in the toilet around 4.55pm. Apparently one of the reason why I choose data entry job to work is just to earn a living without having so much stress if compared to others job profession because you just need to do your daily data stuff, answer call and you can go home without need to think much. On the other hand, the colleague asked me why I have so much bravery to talk to the boss and I think the reason is I have a contingency plan as I will be going to Rawang to work as their say will welcome me anytime. Frankly speaking, the reason why I feel that the Rawang officer is willing to hire me with such a high paid because they don't really have suitable candidate since he manager only worked there for a year+ and the whole online marketing team is also about 2 years although the company had existed about 30 years+ in the health and bird nest business.

Somehow I do feel that the secret to earn more money is to cheat convince people who have less knowledge than you just like why so many people got scammed with such a huge amount of money if you got see the news below.
Suddenly I do have an evil thought that how great if I can be the one who scam people money like the guy did above instead of going all this hard process to earn money. Moreover, I still finding the way that one of my friend who worked for himself using Lelong and e-commerce store where he earned about RM20,000+ profit which I don't know true or not since I don't have my own e-commerce website yet. Around 6.05pm I straight get myself prepared to back home and the new guy colleague still say "why you so back early today" and I don't really entertain him much since I'm not really on the mood to "pretend" myself anymore.

While on the way walking to KL Sentral, I received some FREE gift and some advertisement promotion as shown below.
During the moment on the train, I had "shocked standing" incident happened again as I was too tired until I reach Subang KTM where a lot of people go out as I finally have the chance to sit down and sleep. The moment I woke up again was around 7.30pm but the train already reach Jalan Kastam which I have no idea where is this after I finally found the map as shown below.
When the train arrived on the other side, I have sense that the train back to Batu Caves and quickly ran towards it. Finally I reached my destination and father arrived at 8.10pm to fetch me home. Somehow I didn't talk much with my father although he asked how was my boss offer and I just say "okay" only although I feel down about it.

The reason I feel down is because I feel all my experience seems to be a waste of time although I have been writing for the past 7 years. Finally I arrived back home at 8.30pm and my parent went out again while I just eat my dinner as below.
Suddenly my tears burst out when I think about all this incident that happened to me this morning. I was wondering why I can't just be what like my brother say as "just work for people better" instead of starting your own especially I don't have much experience. Seriously if I didn't do all this things, I won't be so stress right as it is better to life a simple life rather than trying to be a rich people. Talking about being rich, I would like to share the "Golden Brothers" (男人唔可以窮) movie as below.
The movie is really very nice to watch for me as there is some moral value behind as Bosco said you're consider rich if you're satisfied and happy when holding $100.

However, if you have one billion and you're still not satisfy, you're still consider poor according to him. Somehow I think I really need to determine my mindset again because I felt 24 is consider not young as some of my friend already married and having babies at this age. Moreover, I keep telling myself don't compare with people despite a friend just sent me his latest car as shown below.
Seriously I don't really understand what is the reason behind of this and I should treat it as a motivation to be like him to be able to afford and Audi Car at the age of 24 despite having similar UK loan and other stuff. Anyways, I'm grateful to get sponsored by one of the CEO for MIBS and Mr Ng for MaTECS as I have gain some knowledge as well as it had boost up my confident in someway because if I didn't attend, I wouldn't have the courage to approach my boss after 6 month working in his company although I'm not the people that they want to find since they're hiring web designer.

At last, I just feel that maybe this is the time to quit blogging again because if I spend my time on those self learning mobile application development or do e-commerce website, I might be able to become those successful young entrepreneur. Moreover, the "January Incident" already a sign to quite blogging together with all those people who asked me to quite writing. Somehow I found out my blog post is for future people to see as it really take years to see result when I able to share some good information like whether it is fake or real for "Polo Club Britannia Watch" that sold on Jusco where there is still people asking me about it up to this date as the blog post was written 4 years ago. However, I feel it is quite true that "It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on" as shown below.
Before I end my post, I would like to share one of my song that I liked until this moment that could easily make me cry which is "Ding Dang Yi Ban" (丁当一半) as shown below.
几个留言安慰不了, 心里的遗憾。
Someone please give me TIME MACHINE to travel back in time to change something.

Friday, October 17, 2014

True Story From A Data Entry Office Boy Become Company's Superstar And Possible To Earn RM100,000 Within 18 Days By Taking A Small Risk In Malaysia

Today I am having a very bad dream regarding about "after life" as I'm blur in the dream and suddenly woke up. Actually the truth is I couldn't fall asleep last night when I keep think about my worries about tomorrow regarding my real life job whether I will get sack or I think too much until 2am+ midnight although I plan to sleep before 12am since I just sleep total about 8 hour for the past 2 days. Anyways, I quickly get myself prepared and I felt lucky when the train arrived in time. During the moment at train, I suddenly feel stomachache until couldn't hold it anymore and I just stop at Subang Jaya KTM to do my "big" business. Somehow I just late 20 minute arrived to office although I plan to hold it until reach KL Sentral only go "settle" at the office building. As usual the first word I heard is "Late King" from the quite new guy colleague. Frankly speaking, I don't simply like him to use my PC without asking my permission.

It is because the feeling is like "privacy invaded" as he should at least ask me using SMS or whatsoever method since I applied leave and went to the first day of Malaysia Internet Business Summit (MIBS) 2014. If you ever read my post, you will now understand why I lost focus on that day event afternoon when he call me for 3 time using office number. I would like to ask anyone here if you're off on a vacation, would you like your company phone you and I think the answer is very obvious right? Eventually he just show off again saying that he finished those data entry stuff very fast and say fixed my computer problem and I just say "ok" although I feel annoyed in someway. However, if I look on the positive side, I should think in this way where I had learned that always LOCK your PC with password so that other people couldn't access it whenever you're away. After some moment, my manager come and say will help me check the reason why I do so slow.

Frankly speaking, I do assume that the new guy colleague maybe tell my manager about my "slow issue" as he can finish it faster than me because my manager did say will find one day sit behind me to see how I do my work which I don't really like when there is a comparison happen about what you do every minute. In fact, I REALLY didn't open any Facebook at all after she found out that I view sometime and got scolded. Believe it or not, whenever I open Facebook for just 5 minute, she seems like can sense it and I eventually got scolded in someway if she saw. Hence, from that day onward, I told myself never open Facebook at office time and only view in mobile or lunch/after work time because it is better to be safe than getting scold. Apparently I don't blame her for not understanding our Generation Y need to see Facebook status once a while because we're totally from a different generation as she was older than me for some years.

Somehow I do have an immature action when the new guy colleague say that "Do faster leh" and my reply is "Okay loh, you so fast then I do your create merchant account data entry job and you do my part and congratulations for you to being so fast leh, give you a prize okay?" and he eventually just shut up. After some moment, my manager come again and asked me to faster upload those Alliance bank file where I already take leave last 2 day as I just feel the voice is quite loud which carry a little bit unhappiness. Seriously I don't really apply leave because my record is very clear from the day one I come to work in this company until the day I go Rawang for interview and 2 day leave for MIBS event for the past 6 month. Hence, I just feeling quite down during the morning and rant to one of my colleague beside me and she say just get used to it as the advice is don't be so "small gas" feel "emo" for such a small case as it is "left in right out" because it is very common to get scold in working life.

Around 10.30am the Alliance bank still haven settle and I can understand why she so rush because one of the boss is worry and as a manager, your job is to help to solve your boss problem although it could sound harsh like the corporate world (一层压一层,最后被压得没有尊严) as picture below.
Somehow my only "excuse" to my manager is I need to answer customer call since the receptionist didn't come today. Eventually I just feel headache when I think too much about yesterday's seminar as it is very motivational to become an online start-up. After some moment, I just phoned up Groupon to ask about the cybersale RM500 rebate as they promised if you spend RM500 during Malaysia's 1st Cybersale event, you will get another RM500 for free credited to your account at 17th - 19th but you need to use within 3 days. Eventually I registered two account and spend RM1,000+ in total which I can get RM1,000 back if I trust Groupon by taking this small risk in Malaysia.

Somehow my "bet" is worth when they really credited RM500 to my Groupon account and another account with RM500 as shown below.
So the answer to my blog post about it is possible to earn RM100,000 within 18 days since Malaysia's 1st Cybersale event started at 29th September to 1st of October 2014. As you can see, if you find 100 person who TRUST you and spend RM1,000 during Malaysia's 1st Cybersale ,then it will generate an extra RM100,000 on the market if Groupon keep their promise and they really did. However, you must be wondering how to cash out the total RM2,000 (RM1,000 you spend 1st at Cybersale, another RM1,000 from Groupon rebate promotion in 2 different account) right? As for my experience, I bought 4 unit of 1TB Western digital hard drive as below.
So my target now is sell one unit of 1TB Western digital hard drive for RM250 within one month.

As for the new RM1,000 Groupon credit that I receive today, I will need to buy another 4 unit and sell it out if no one buy my RM1,000 Groupon credit within this 3 days of limitation. I guess everyone is clear now how I can write my blog post for "How to use RM0 to buy Xiaomi Redmi Note" which cost about RM509 in the Xiaomi official website but I bought it from Rakuten for RM479 during cybersale. Hence, I had shared the way to earn RM1,000 for FREE as above method if you believe in me as I have told 10+ real life friend about this issues but seems like no one really trust because it is too good to be true. The only risk I face here is Groupon didn't keep their promise. The reason I didn't share out with my online friend because I don't want they think that I'm helping promotion how good is Groupon and I eventually lose friend if Groupon didn't keep their promise as you will think I'm a cheater or scammer.

So the best way is to try it out myself and maybe you can wait next year Malaysia 2nd Cybersale 2015 to get such deal again. Besides, I don't really like some of the merchant who send me email to ask me help promote their website more like it is my duty to share it out. The truth is MDec did not pay me to write this promotion deal and I really do it for FREE as believe or not is totally up to you. However, I did share by writing the blog post for the top 54 merchant with links and each do get at least 10 clicks from blog as you can see the total view as below.
Anyways, there is some good merchant too where they will appreciate my word by just saying a simple "thank you note" to me and I really happy about it for getting acknowledged. During the afternoon, I celebrated my RM1,000 victory by going to Sakae Sushi Nu Sentral and I would treat one of my colleague who helped me sell one of the 1TB WD hardrive.

After that, we just get the RM3,000 worth of voucher book from Sakae Sushi with a single minimum purchase of RM80 and I just paid RM42.40 for my part as below.
Upon arrived office, I heard a colleague say our company won don't know what FPX award and I did feel happy because I was the person who handle the FPX bank reconciliation every 3.54pm for the past 6 month as I felt myself won it although it is belongs to company. After that, my manager asked us to go for a small meeting and told us to delete some file. Frankly speaking, I did feel sad when she sad deleted all the Excel file as it is no use anymore but that is the only place I can prove that I have been worked here with my name. Anyways, it has been deleted from the company and I just feel quite down because I feel it is like a cleaner in someway. For example, a cleaner clean the window and mark down 1 followed by the next number for every time he/she clean the window.

Then suddenly one day his/her manager ask he/she to tear all the number down written 1 - 100 with his/her name and how do you feel if you're the cleaner? I bet you must be sad right because that the only proof that you ever work as a cleaner. As I was feeling quite down during the evening, suddenly the biggest boss of this company came tap my shoulder and ask me go into his room. It was my first time to go into his room and talked to him after worked for 6 month. Well, the first question he ask me is "What do you do in our company" and I just say "bank reconciliation, reply 3 type of email, terminal payment" which is quite short instead of saying myself is "data entry office boy" because I want to have some "face" in someway. After that, he asked me "do you really like what you do?" and I say not really. Then I quickly said actually the reason I join your company is to learn all the payment stuff because it is so important in the internet business.

For instance, no matter how good you can design your website and nice layout, if your customer didn't buy anything is also useless right? Then he just ask me "do you have the passion? passion?" and I just say yes. Somehow he said if you're really have the passion, our company are finding someone who know social media because I shared my past working experience as a online marketing back in 2012 and another Japanese game company back in 2013 before going Sheffield UK to study. The boss do know about Sheffield and say that wasn't it a factory type city and I just replied that it is the only way for Malaysian student from Tarc College to get a cheaper degree certificate while having the chance to travel around Europe country. Somehow it just remind the picture that I want to share where I will give out one of the souvenir if you buy 1TB hardrive from me as below.
Seriously my voice is getting softer and my whole body is shaking as I'm so afraid.

I believe not much people will have such scary feeling that I experience when facing the biggest boss as I can describe as a Level 6 Ursa Warrior solo fighting Roshan if you ever play Dota 2 online game. Anyways, the boss said will fully support me with all the resource that they have and I suddenly felt it is so true that you can't be successful by all your own without any other people help where there is no longer "one man show" to be success in life. Furthermore, the boss said will give me training about those SEO course for FREE instead of I need to study it on my own expense. However, I just be honest to him that I have not much experience and internet environment keep changing which there is no such thing as GUARANTEE works. Suddenly I do feel myself like a boss when he say let me handle the "I" and "M" page although he is finding people who is good in web design. I was totally stunned because I couldn't find the reason why he want to help a low rank staff like me?

Do you guys believe got so good things? The deals is I need to work about 2 years+ for him and he will let me handle the e-commerce website to do my start-up because I have a Bachelor degree in E-commerce and Marketing from Sheffield although it might sounds like just a paper. Somehow I was wondering whether can be the next potential e-commerce player in Malaysia market instead of let foreign people like Lazada to control our local market. When I walk out from his room, eventually I shocked a lot of my colleague because they don't understand why a new guy like me can go to the boss room to talk as the feeling is really like a boss and instantly become company's superstar as shown below.
Seriously I think this won't happen if I did not attend MIBS 2014 and I am truly appreciate the effort of the CEO from Penang who helped a poor guy like me in KL and this feeling is just like watching Hong Kong TVB drama movie.

Around 6.30pm I make a move from office and I have 2 days to think about this matter as he will find someone to train me from scratch but I need to work for him for 2 years. Will I really be an SEO expert if someone paid for my training as I heard the top end SEO guy from MIBS sharing can earn up to RM300,000~RM600,000 per project and you can know the "magic" to learn how to push website traffic from 200,000 pageviews to 35,000,000 pageviews within short period sharing from the MIBS seminar. One thing that I really agree from him which is "You should keep build up network by meeting up new friends, listen more and talk less and you must come out from your comfort zone. If you got an idea, just ask anyone about how they think about it and don't worry about your idea being stolen" which is quite true. During the moment at train, I was feeling quite happy although it is still worrying.

Frankly speaking, I do have a contingency plan for myself as I will go accept the Rawang social media job to hide for some moment and learn all the website, programming and other stuff with myself but it seems quite stressful and helpless if there is no mentor or guide to learn from. Anyways, I would like to share the schedule how I manage my time to do daily blog post as below.
1) 6.30am ~ 7.00am = awake
2) 7.00am ~ 7.25am = prepared, arrive KTM
3) 7.30am ~ 8.25am = sleep 1 hour until reach KL Sentral
4) 8.35am ~ 1.00pm = working
5) 1.00pm ~ 2.00pm = lunch
6) 2.00pm ~ 6.30pm = working, walk to KL Sentral KTM
7) 6.30pm ~ 7.35pm = reach KTM, wait father fetch home.
8) 7.40pm ~ 9.00pm = reach home, eat, bath
9) 9.00pm ~ 3.00am = watch Youtube video and entertainment, research and blogging.
10) 3.00am ~ 6.30am = sleep.

This happen partly because I practiced "polyphasic sleep" tactic where I sleep about 3~5 hour+ if can, then followed by short sleep every 1 hour or do some power nap to gain some energy in order to gain more hours for myself because no matter you're rich or poor, we're having the same 24 hour per day. However, it could affect my health in the long term and I would like to change a lifestyle if the boss really train me so that I won't need to spend my extra "ownself working time" to research all by my own. Somehow I just remembered what my father said that "You need to continue learning in life because I see even he had fail his printing business despite having over 25 years history, he still say he will continue to learn although it seems like quite late as a 60++ person to me but I shall support his statement. In fact, my father say he is happy because his life is better than his father which is my grandfather that had passed away long time ago and he hope my life will be better than him.

During the night, I just have simple food to eat as below.
Tonight seems to be the most happiest day ever in my life as I never encounter such experiencce before. On the other hand, I'm thankful to Ms Cynth for inviting me to Laugh Malaysia event because from there I start to realize that I think too much if someone found who is me. If there is a long time charity mission for me, I would like to find the solution to cure depression and lower down teenager suicide case as no people would really understand their feelings just like no people will care about what I do about my life especially I'm just an anonymous person. The reason I prefer to be anonymous is because I wish to express my feeling without having any concern. If I use my real identity, I found out that I need to be "fake" in someway due to image issue. Somehow I agree that building TRUST really need time and you will eventually find out the truth in the end.

In my opinion, I feel that as long as you can gain trust from a person for a day, it is already enough as there is 365 days every year which means you will gain 1825 trusted friend from so many people if 5 year past. This years marks my 7 years of blogging and I feel that it might be a time to reveal myself if I want to do business because not much people will trust a product or goods from an anonymous person right? Besides, I'm still wondering whether the Feng Shui stuff is good or not because I did paid RM150 for Chinese Fortune Telling Prediction (算命) last time where it say if I found a good boss that can train me, I will become a successful person where I not sure it is real or not. At last, this blog post finish updated at 2.35am and this is a True Story from a data entry office boy become Company's Superstar and it is possible to earn RM100,000 within 18 days by taking a small risk in Malaysia if you had trusted me during Cybersale. Anyways, tomorrow I will be going to Malaysia-Taiwan Ecommerce & Cloud Summit (MaTECS 2014) as I was sponsored by Mr Ng from www.appletoner.com.my as I received his SMS as below.
Believe or not, our number is almost similar as you can see "8567" where you can try your luck to buy the 4D number to see can win grand prize or not as picture below.
I think this all happens need thanks to the person who say me is "Wah Bo Lui" during the BIMS event yesterday as my turning point in life to get more opportunity when he introduce so many CEO and MD to me, LOL!!!
Last but not least, watch the Billionaire Top Ittipat Thailand movie as below.

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