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Friday, November 21, 2014

Korean Cuisine 20% Off Opening Promotion @ Quizinn Food Court By Rasa Nu Sentral Shopping Mall Experience

Today I woke up at 7am and I do feel a little tiring after finished writing the Wednesday post about "IsMe Beauty & Café Waiting Love Coffee (等一個人咖啡) @ Nu Sentral Shopping Mall Experience" around 2.20am. Upon arrival KL Sentral early, I decided to buy the Sausage egg Mcmuffin for RM2.95 from ‪#‎JimatjimatMcD‬ morning breakfast promotion as shown below.
During the morning, I was rushing the VIP merchant payout and finally done before afternoon. However, I get scold by the manager for not able to differentiate some bank testing stuff as I just standing there about 1 hour listening to her advice. Beside, she said will monitor me again next Monday for every steps I do and I just feel unhappy but couldn't voice out. I think this happens because the new colleague guy can do the data entry job faster than me as she couldn't understand why a person's task can be done by others people.

Anyways, I have no explanation for it other than saying "PC slow" and I do know my personal problem in someway such as "thinking something" while working which somehow can delayed the work. Well, it is so true that company can control every action you do in real life but they can't control your thought about what you're thinking unless they open up your brain? Apparently this is one of the reason I felt myself having disadvantage when working in real life when I am perceived as a "blur guy" by others. The reason for me working as a data entry is because don't want have so much stress as I would have some free time to think about what I want to do in life but this doesn't seems quite right when data entry job also will face some challenges. Around 1.30pm I make a move from office to lunch after settle the payment related stuff about customer service with one of my colleague who helped me to resolve the issue.

Upon arrival Quizinn Food Court by Rasa Nu Sentral, I saw my ex-colleague there. Then I just ordered the Seafood Ramyeon noodle for RM14.90 at Korean Cuisine food stall but they're having 20% off opening promotion for Nu Sentral staff as I think it apply to all person as shown below.
Do you believe that they're offering that "Your purchase is FREE if no receipt is issued" as shown picture below?
Anyways, I just paid RM12.65 total after the 20% promotion for the Seafood Ramyeon noodle as shown below.
Well, I just listened to some gossip from ex-colleague sharing and also shared the news that I might be venture into the tester job. One of the main reason to pay for learning the tester job is partly because the salary is higher than my current job task.

After the lunch, I went to try out the Butterscotch Mc Flurry ice cream for about RM5 as below.
Well, the taste is just so so only for me. Upon arrived office, I just heard the new colleague guy saying that his part time photography job has been canceled for the Starhill as the merchant think his pricing is over charged for a day. Somehow he just ranted to me saying that it is all because of the newbies photographer who charge less price and called them as "scumbag" when someone is doing for FREE. Somehow I don't really want to argue with him much since I don't have much knowledge in those so call "professional photography pricing" stuff and just don't like his voice tone. Seriously in life there will be someone doing things for FREE partly because of his/her passion. No doubt that I would understand people who charge high price would have their quality as they spend so much time in doing it but not everyone is like that.

This case is just like the Lazada example where they're a big e-commerce fighting those small fish local company in Malaysia. Obviously Lazada can simply throw price to make the local company "die" and gain more market share. His case is just like can't fight people who can offer lower price then say other people service is not good by providing rubbish quality. On the other hand, there seem to be no longer any reply from the boss after the presentation and I just feel myself seems to be no different with other people who want to "look up by boss" in this scenario. Around 6.20pm I make a move from office and walked through the "secret underground passage" to Nu Sentral. Somehow I was shocked to see the Australian King Cherry cost for RM129.90 per box at MBG Fruit Shop Nu Sentral because I thought the Japan Grapes Kyoho (巨峰) is the most expensive fruit that I ever saw in there.

Anyways, I just bought a pureral gummy sweet for RM4.90 that made from Japan at Sam's Groceria Nu Sentral although can't taste the real Japan Grapes Kyoho (巨峰) for RM99 as it is an alternative as shown below.
Then I just realized that there is a new payment option available which is Touch and go card and e-pay as shown below.
Around 6.45pm the train arrived at KL Sentral KTM and arrived home at 8pm. Somehow I still remember what my father said during the time in car as I'm not "stable" yet in someway until I find a girlfriend? Besides, I do felt emos when listened to the "Xun Ren Qi Shi" (寻人启事), Missing Person song by Lala Xu Jia Ying (徐佳莹) as shown below.
Seriously the lyrics of the song totally touches me in someway.

During the night, I just have some simple food as my dinner. After finish my bath, I just research some information. Somehow I just feel emos wondering what I really want in life other than just blogging to express feeling until the day I die. Besides, I felt sad when people thought I could earn a lot of money from writing. Honestly, I treat blogging as a way to see other's people true personality in real life. For instance, today the new colleague guy, who is also a so call "professional part time photographer" with years experience told me that he can charge RM1,400 to take event photo for don't know what Gala dinner and I just listening how he brag about himself being a professional photographer and I say I don't know anything about it. [If so geng, you still come do the same data entry job like me meh?] Anyways, the sentences above is just copy from my Facebook status as I felt quite tired to edit it.

Later on, I just finished listen to Chan Fong sharing story and started to realized something especially the "loyalty" in a company. Maybe I start to understand about that day's happening in front of boss as I shouldn't say I want high salary because how would a boss will pass the important task to someone who keep want to jump ship others company when other company offering high salary. Hence, maybe this is the reason why some people will work at least 5,10 or 15 years in the company because they look long term in order want to become CEO or COO in the company. Feel free to listen to the guy's podcast from Chan Fong (大城心事 声音片段回顾) if you understand Cantonese language as shown below.
After that, the podcast is followed by a 24 years old girl named Ann sharing as shown below.
Well, she don't mind her boyfriend is poor and it is quite meaningful to listen on it.

Guess it is all about being long terms and I just posted a status in my Facebook saying's "Ah, long term ah, LONG TERM AH! Reload Food! Just now heard the Chan Fong sharing story and the 24 years old girl sharing about her boyfriend who are same age with him geh story really feel good. Actually if I continue work in this current company, first year do data entry, next year change different job task in the company, within 20 years, I believe can become the CEO in someway and this company really can sustain in long term, just that I too rush to find RM3,000 salary, that why go interview. Seriously it is so true that only time can find the answer and understand the boss meaning behind, no wonder they say 24 years old still young and no wonder why so many girls like 30 years old guys who are mature enough, 6 more year for me to train to be that "mature guy" in someway. Later on, I just feel hungry and go cook noodle which is the combination of Korean Ramyeon and Maggie as shown below.
However, I did not manage to write the some delayed blog post such as "How To Block Pirate Kings Invitation Facebook Apps Notification From Jelly Button Games Forever In Malaysia" and "iStock SG Google Play Apps To Buy iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus In Singapore" post as I promised to help my friend write his iStock SG apps review. In fact, I had fall asleep when I just wrote on the half way.

Xun Ren Qi Shi (寻人启事) Missing Person Song By Lala Xu Jia Ying (徐佳莹)

Somehow just feel a little emos when I listen to this "Xun Ren Qi Shi" which means "Missing Person" (寻人启事) song that sang by Lala Xu Jia Ying (徐佳莹). In fact, I start to fall in love with her voice and the lyrics of 尋人啟事 song is shown below.




Seriously the words that highlighted in color is what I want to express to the girl that I liked. Anyways, the 徐佳瑩 LaLa【尋人啟事】[HD]Official Music Video from Youtube is shown below.
What an emos song.

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