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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Infected With Urticaria Disease But Got Cured At Klinik Keluarga Lee

Your idea may sucks, but if I like you, we invest! which is something that have a strong memory inside my mind today. Somehow just understand that A growth hacker is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable and scalable. Suddenly I did feel myself has becoming part of it when I experience by test it myself and learned the do and don't to pitch your idea to the investors from the event sharing at MaGIC Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre.

Upon almost reach home, quickly went to the nearby clinic where I have been suffering from red rashes and my whole body is so itchy. Somehow I just got to know that I have been infected with Urticaria disease but got cured at Klinik Keluarga Lee with injection and medicine for a total of RM86 as shown below.
Due to time concern, I just quickly post a Facebook status in my page saying that "Finally got cured with injection. Well, the doctor gave me a keyword which is "urticaria" to google myself when I ask what is the cause for the rashes and itchy. She said if not because of food, it could be due to overstress. Well, I think it is NOT from the food that I ate during the event and think maybe it is because yesterday attend Harith comedy when I cried silently inside the car during the journey back home. Anyways, this medical cost for RM86 total and I hope can claim RM60 from the company tomorrow. So tonight don't have any updates although I wish I can write yesterday and today's happening since it means a lot to me but my physical body don't allow me to do so. Good night."
Hence, I didn't update much about my blog post as I feel so sleepy after the injection but will edit and update back once I free again.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

D'Tavern (M) Sdn Bhd Pub & Restaurant Since 1983 And Sitting BMW Car @ Port Klang Experience

Today I woke up at 6.40am. Then I get myself prepared to work. During the moment at the train, I just took out a book to read and one of the passage is meaningful where it say's "Ignore the real world" continued with "Planning is guessing" article as shown below.
Do you agree that scratch the surface and you'll find these "real world" inhabitants are filled with pessimism and despair. They expect fresh concepts to fail. They assume society isn't ready for or capable of change. Even worse, they want to drag others down into their tomb. If you're hopeful and ambitious, they'll try to convince you your ideas are impossible. They'll say you're wasting your time which adapted from the book. Somehow I just liked to listen to "The Next Dawn" (下一个天亮) song by Claire Kuo (郭靜) where I liked the Chinese sentence saying that"有些故事,不必说给每个人听;有些情绪,是该说给懂的人听~" which means something is not for someone to listen.

Upon arrived office, I continue to do the bank reconciliation as today need to rush the payment for all the VIP and normal merchant. Somehow I just feel that it is useless to argue who do which part as I just give all the credit to the new colleague guy who so call being so good to "help me do" just to get the manager noticed that he is more hardworking than me. During the afternoon, I just went to Brickfields Mayflower to have my favourite Chili Pan Mee (手工板面) noodle for RM6 as below.
Well, I just listen to one of my colleague sharing about his relative who open the food hawker stall seems to be closed down after 5 years as most of the staff is from foreigner and the lesson learned is don't do the thing that is not by your own effort where he just need to hire foreign worker to cook as his job roll is to collect money but eventually failed after few years. During the moment walking back office, colleague asked me what is my father do.

Frankly speaking, I don't really want to talk about it since it is a failure especially when she said "why don't you just help your father's printing family business instead of keep thinking what to sell in your e-commerce website. My reply is just I want to start something on my own instead of depending other people although the fact was a failed business. (ownself son also look down liao how to do? Sorry for having such an immature thought) Upon arrived office, I just continue to work while taking some power nap during the toilet break. During the evening, I saw a merchant with a 30+ years in the Komori offset printing machine seems to be so successful when he sells online. Seriously I just wondering why got people will buy executive diary and become one of the top sales. Eventually I see closely the amount transaction and just feel "down" when I asked myself why other people do printing so successful but father business failed despite having about 25+ years of experience.

Somehow I think I have find some "answer" for myself in this company despite working as a data entry office boy. Around 6.05pm I quickly make a move from office and walked to KL Sentral to take train back because I have an appointment with Mr Ng from Apple Toner. Upon arrival at the KTM, I was shocked that he drive a BMW to come fetch and waited me in front of the OCBC bank as the car looks something like the picture below.
Suddenly this feeling is just like what I had experience before where I'm able to sit my boss S350 Mercedes car back in 2012. Anyways, I was having a great conversation with him in the car while he was driving to D'Tavern (M) Sdn Bhd Pub & Restaurant where it had started to operate since 1983 and it is one of the famous pub restaurant in that area. I guess it is the oldest and most classic restaurant so far since I never visits before and it is not far from Port Village Seafood restaurant.

Well, I liked the slogan of the restaurant which is "Always there for you" and they're selling char-broiled steak, seafood, salad, wine, cigar, live entertainment and pool to play as below.
In deed the environment and interior design of the restaurant looks quite classic and traditional British type design as you can see below.
Mr Ng recommend barbecued BBQ chicken but I had ordered the roast chicken for the similar RM18 price from the menu as shown below.
At first we're served with peanut and bread with butter as shown below.
Then we continued with the started as I had ordered mushroom soup as shown below.
Finally the main dish roast chicken arrived as you can see below.
Somehow I liked the mushroom soup but not the roast chicken since it is quite hard.

However, I can see the BBQ chicken that Mr Ng order seems to be very nice to eat but I didn't take any picture and I would like to try it when I come with my family next time. The restaurant is certainly a very nice place to go with senior citizen especially it feels like a historical building to me when it hangs a lot of oldies famous artist such as Michael Jackson, Beatles and other celebrity. Throughout our conversation, I had learned a lot of knowledge that I never have before being a data entry office boy. For instance, he told me that you need to start investing in yourself such as learning a new skills or attend training instead of just listening to other without taking any action. This feeling is just like when you go watch how to get a fit body in Youtube but you did not take any action to do the exercise is totally useless at all right? Somehow I can feel he have went through some hard work when he shared his story working as a "metal cutter" job back in Taiwan.

Maybe he is right that our current generation Y is having too comfort just like my job don't really need to sweat like working under the hot sun in the construction and engineering site. Furthermore, he also shared some valuable knowledge when I asked him how he start his Apple Toner business. Well, I think what important here is you need to keep your word and promise to your customer if you have a slogan just like his "Print Like Original" because if you can't print like an original copy, he will refund the toner cartridges with 7 days money back guarantee and 180 days warranty. In addition, he also say that if the customer cannot print 1,000 pcs from his toner cartridges as shown in his website, he can direct do the refund for you which I don't know is true or not because you will lost business if the customer are trying to cheat you. Anyways, I think I might understand why he can be so successful and can drive a BMW car if you dare to fail to do business.

Around 9.50pm we make a move from the D'Tavern pub and the estimated bill would cost us about RM70+ for two person since he treated me for the meal where I feel a little embarrass for eating FREE food. Besides, the unique selling point of this bar is the beer cost about RM8 per pint which is cheap since my watermelon juice already cost about RM7. Anyways, below is the details information of Restoran Dan Pub D'Tavern (M) Sdn Bhd.
Address: 9, 11 & 15, Ground Floor, Bangunan D'Tavern, Jalan Depoh, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
GPS Coordinate: 2°59'57.54"N 101°23'50.25"E
Business Hours: Monday - Saturday : 11:00 AM to midnight; Sunday: 5:00 PM to midnight
Contact: 03-3168 8580

During the moment at the car, he continue to share some knowledge with me. Well, I'm quite agree with his sharing that you need to be dare to START and be humble. Always think that you have never have before (你本来什么都没有) and try learn from others. If the you're the boss yourself and you can't make any sales, how can you expect your salesperson to do sales for you? For example, if I ask you go do a business deal with Digi boss, you will think impossible right since the boss himself also can't do it. However, don't always think and never do anything in the end. Finally I arrived home at 10.20pm and I just gave him a Paris keychain in return of his kindness for fetching me at KTM and until back home. I guess this all need thanks to the Penang CEO who invited me to MIBS 2014 event as I get to know Mr Ng from there and he also invited me to MaTECS 2014 as our friendship have gone further through the lunch dinner today.

Suddenly I realized that this could be a reason why some people willing to pay so much money like RM1,099 to join MIBS seminar because you know that those people who join it must be really serious and mostly top management people. This feeling is just like you join a premium membership club where you get to network with those rich people which is similar to those girls who join VIP clubbing club to meet with rich people's son. Overall that I learned that you must know how to create value for others people to become successful in life. In fact, I feel that business can somehow related to chasing girls strategy for guys. What I'm being proud of my UK E-commerce and marketing degree certificate is nothing at all as I start to understand why my boss didn't see my cert at all during my presentation to them. Seriously I'm really grateful to learned so much for Mr Ng sharing about the failure and success stories. At last, anyone here want to buy a 32 GB Class 10 Toshiba Micro SD as I bought from the Rakuten points for the Xiaomi Redmi Note during the Malaysia 1st Cybersale as shown below.
Somehow I do still feel sad for buying a Fake Love Mei® Powerful MiNote protection case.

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