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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Cream & Fudge Factory @ Nu Sentral Shopping Mall Experience

Today my feeling is not very good since I didn't practice to sleep early. In fact, this whole week I'm still maintaining my 2~5 hour sleep time when I go to bed around 2~3am+ in the midnight and woke up at 6am+ again. Upon arrival at office, I just quickly do my daily routine work as today need rush for payout. Somehow I tried to finish before 11am to inform my manager first before she come to ask me about the payment. Anyways, I'm able to finish it and done all the payout while passing the other non-urgent task to the new colleague to handle. Frankly speaking, I did't really like the new colleague behavior as he keep boast about how can he can finish it or cut short. Then I just "shoot" him saying that "Harlo, if you so fast, then can exchange your job with me?" and he just speechless. Moreover, there is nothing to brag about this kind of "Copy, paste, edit" job since everyone can do it as long as you're human.

As for myself, I just waiting my time to past and recover from my "January Incident" because a data entry job is most suitable for "mentally retarded" person like me. Hence, it is totally useless to explain or prove anything to others people about the reason why I choose this data entry job. Actually I do learned how to be "human" while working in this company and being understand about others people. Well, I'm thankful to one of my Malay's colleague who helped me to answer the "complicated customer" when I get scold badly by the customer yesterday even it is not my fault. Afterall, I didn't at all when need to work as a customer service job task as I was getting low paid. It is because I heard some colleague say that Digi's customer service staff can get around RM4,000+ per month although they keep get scold by customer. So I would rather get scold if I work for Digi by getting high paid instead of getting low paid and yet still get scold right?

During the afternoon, I went to Brickfield's Mayflower again to order my favourite spicy Chili homemade Pan Mee (手工板面) noodle as my lunch. Somehow we didn't talk much since other colleague was around and we went to Nu Sentral after that. Upon arrive office, I almost finish my task and help my colleague who helped me for her work during the evening. Around 6.25pm I make a move from office and walked to Nu Sentral as I wanted to try the Cream & Fudge Factory long time ago after all day work to end my this weekend as shown below.
Somehow the staff seems to be having an unhappy face during the moment when I ask about the RM4.90 + RM3 for junior scoop promotion price and menu information as shown below.
Perhaps he think that I am just fooling around without buying as I'm wearing a "poor" shirt and asked a lot of question for different ice cream.

Well, the junior scoop seems to be quite small and they say I can't buy the waffle bowl if I choose the promotion set as it is only applicable for the below ice cream.
Hence, I just ordered one of the most expensive ice cream where I had selected Nutty Caramel that cost for RM16.90 and added the chocolate waffle bowl for RM1.60 as I pay RM18.50 total.
When the Nutty Caramel ice cream arrived as below, I realize that is was just plain waffle. Then I asked the staff to give me the bill as I forget to take just now and I realized they just printed out now as you see the time is 6.41pm as below.
Anyways, I was having a little argument with the staff to get back RM0.50 refund instead of RM0.60 which is quite "funny" to think back now for being so calculative. Maybe it is because I saved my money for this week just to try out their ice cream?

Anyways, below is the details information about the Cream & Fudge Factory Nu Sentral which nearby to Big Apple Donuts & Coffee and Auntie Anne's Malaysia.
Address: Lot CF-04, Nu Sentral No 201, Jalan Tun Sambathan, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 03-8068 1120
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Cream-Fudge-Factory-in-Malaysia
Around 7pm I took the train and finally reached home at 8.15pm. Somehow my father asked me to contribute for the petrol related thing since I keep asked him to fetch me go out during weekends. Seriously I do hope can buy my own car one day although it seems quite hard with my peanut salary. Anyways, mother had prepared a delicious braised pork food and vegetable for us as dinner as I shall appreciate to have home cook food.

It is because it is useless to envy others friend about why their parent can afford to buy car to their son and their son don't need to bear any education loan like me although Bill Gates once said "If you're born poor, it's not your mistake. But if you die poor, it is your mistake" which is quite harsh. Later on, I just see some news again and added some new friend. Honestly, I did feel quite envy with one of my boss when I check out his profile where he live in a big bungalow house with nice cars. As for now, I don't really have much thing to say and keep comfort myself don't keep compare with others people. The only advice or excuse that I told myself is maybe my time to become rich haven come yet, but I will be there one day as long as I didn't give up in life right? After all, other's people will not give a damn or care about your life. Be positive lah Reload Food !

I Put My Heart And My Soul Into My Work And Have Lost My Mind In The Process

I Put My Heart And My Soul Into My Work And Have Lost My Mind In The Process - Vincent van Gogh

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