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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Awesome Project Management Fundamentals Sharing By Dr Leong Experience

Today I woke up at 10.40am. Well I was totally shock because I was late for the class this morning. Somehow I just felt a little guilty in the morning when I asked myself does it necessary to explain to others people for the reason behind for being late upon arrival in the class. The morning class start with the Project Management Fundamentals subject sharing by Dr Leong and the course objective is to have a strong understanding of various processes of project management as below.
Frankly speaking, I was quite blur during the morning session but I enjoyed his teaching when he shared a lot of real life working experience with us as below.
In fact, this make me start to realize a lot of thing can be relate together during my working time at at the "eye" company and I still remember the CTO advice until this moment of writing. During the afternoon, I just have a chicken with potato for RM6 as my lunch as below.
Upon arrived back from lunch, we continue the session with more real life working experience shared by Dr Leong as below.
Overall I really enjoyed the Project Management Fundamentals sharing by Dr Leong and can say his sharing is really awesome for me just like Michael Lim and Ms Annie sharing. Upon arrived home at 5pm, I continue to update some blog post again. During the night, I didn't go out eat and just order the fried rice with crab meat from Xuan Xin Restaurant (炫升港式小厨) Queensbay Mall via Foodpanda delivery service. Later on, there is a leng lui girl asked me whether want to buy the replica iPhone 6+ for about RM500 as below.
Well, I just feel that nowadays there is not much way to make easy money other than selling counterfeit product. On the other hand, I do feel "jelly" about my friend who can earn RM30,000+ a month as I saw he posted a picture deliver about 300++ parcel everyday despite we're having the same cert but different career path. However, I asked myself does that really affecting me when I read back the Dr Richard Teo sharing about Life, Wealth, Success & Happiness story. Until this moment of writing, I don't really like to share my real identity although some of people know about me because it can create some "red eye" in someway when I remember about my resign case if my identity being exposed. Moreover, it is true that there is no good to show self pity as I received a feedback as below.
Besides, I would like to share the "Hong Kong tycoon Yu Pang-lin leaves wealth to charity" news when he said "If my children are more capable than me, it's not necessary to leave a lot of money to them. If they are incompetent, a lot of money will only be harmful to them" which is quite true. Over time, I try to overcome the question about "There is no passion if it doesn't make money" statement and understand the reason why people give up as below.
At last, I would like to share a Chinese status as below.

Foodpanda Delivery For Fried Rice With Crab Meat @ Xuan Xin Restaurant (炫升港式小厨) Queensbay Mall Experience

During the night, I just feel lazy to go out eat. Hence, I decided to order food online and searched some related information about those food delivery company. At first I wanted to try the Delivereat service but didn't after it cost RM30+ if I didn't meet the minimum purchase requirement of RM30 as below.
In the end, I just order the Egg White Fried Rice with Crab Meat & Dry Scallop from Xuan Xin Restaurant (炫升港式小厨) Queensbay Mall for RM12 after RM10 discount via Foodpanda delivery service as below.

The food arrived after 40 minute waiting time and I just paid RM12 on cash of delivery payment method as below.
The fried rice is tasty for me because I was totally felt very hungry at that moment and I finished every bite of it as below.
The food from Xuan Xin Restaurant (炫升港式小厨) Queensbay Mall [2F-02, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang Malaysia.] is nice. Overall I'm satisfy with Foodpanda delivery service although it is my 2nd time using it after my 1st time using it at the "eye" company office. However, I did register another account to use the FREE RM10 code for 1st time purchase as below.
Website: https://www.foodpanda.my/

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