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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Robbed RM3,000,000 A Day From CitiBank Credit Card? Olive Sentral @ Sooka Sentral Kuala Lumpur Experience

Today I was totally a "unstoppable-godlike" as I recall I slept at 4am yesterday if I'm not mistaken. Frankly speaking, everyone have an intention for everything he do and one of the reason I continue to write my story partly because I want to find some explanation about the "January Incident" as I have linked almost every page of my blog post as I hope someone could explain about it. According to James, he said that "the reason you are depress is because of the evil energy around you, that is the so called sifu and statue worshipping. Taoism is the only religion that encourage their worshipper to do evil things, such as gambling, etc etc, and also it is stated clearly that you WILL GO TO HELL with this religion. In other religion such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism they encourage you to do good things or follow the GOD's path to ensure you not to go to hell" which is quite true in someway. Somehow outsider or any stranger who read my story will thought I'm crazy.

Well, I would like to ask you if you're in my situation when you don't want to go to seek for the Spiritual Sifu, your mother cried badly and how would you feel as a son. Moreover, my brother do say to me before that how could I do that to my mother by not just going to the "Sifu" to seek for his help? Seriously I was really sick of this kind of superstitious stuff and it still haunted me every single night until I couldn't sleep well when those tiny bits of 5 month unhappy memory keep coming back to me. Please note that before this I do seek for psychology help but I stopped all those medicine partly because I feel that it would just keep wasting my parents money if I keep going there where each session cost around RM200+ which is not cheap. Hence, the only way for me to overcome it is to face it by writing down as detail as possible in order to hope to find some solution when I sacrificed my sleeping time to write this stupid blog despite being said as attention seeker.

Anyways, this is my blog and I could said anything and if I really keep listening to those negative voices, I would eventually become a loser and already committed suicide back in January. During the morning, I got scolded badly by another colleague for not closing the "login pc" where I used to download. This news has been "made big" and get to known by another 2 manager which had let whole department know about my case although I was just a small character which is the data entry office boy. Apparently my whole body is keep shaking throughout the morning as well as my mind was pain and I think this is because lack of sleep as I could possible die out of sudden if I continue to sleep about 2 hour+ everyday. Besides, the only grateful thing I told myself in the morning is at least I didn't commit suicide and stayed alive until this moment. Furthermore, no people would understand why I accept such "no future" data entry job despite being a UK Degree holder.

Well, I think the reason could be just want to show to my parent I'm okay now as a normal person instead of someone who gone crazy if you every read the 10 things I stated on the "Wan Tan Mee noodle story" throughout the 5 month. Moreover, I do recalled what my father ask me about the job yesterday and I just feel like crying inside when he said "you can't blame anyone since you didn't decide what profession you want to be like architect, doctor, lawyer or accountant when I still young because I told him that the job I do currently didn't learn anything other than waiting at the end of the month to collect money. In addition, I already lowered down my "qualification ego" when I worked with those people who have lower education than me although I still feel "butthurt" in someway when I study so much also end up working together with a SPM leaver and still got scolded by them? No people would really understand my real life character is seen as a weak, low confident and blur guy.

In short, some people might thought that I am mentally wrong or retarded in someway for being a slow learner. Hence, all of this negative thought keep dragging down when I heard those online comment saying that you're stupid, lazy, useless, annoying, blog whore or "kuda", grabbing attention, preying sympathy from others and eventually I take it all and accepted all this negative thought as my real personality. So I just feel so hard for even praising myself for a good positive work such as hardworking. During the afternoon, I told some of my colleague about how to get the RM30 Groupon credit voucher when they apply Citibank credit card but they seems to be not believing it. In fact, I do shared in the forum but the moderator had deleted the thread as he feel that I am sharing something illegal like washing money or money laundering scheme. The truth is I just want to share this good information when you apply credit card and I did really want to apply for the card.

It is because those people keep saying that this is like sold your information to the credit card company for RM30 in return and I just suggested used all fake details if they scared with an angry tone. Eventually someone tried to use all the fake information and success gained RM120 in total for Groupon credit but it only works at each different account where the user only able to cut off RM30. Somehow I just feel that if this really works, that means we're robbing or stealing money on a bright day directly from Citibank credit card because there is no term's saying that you can't apply few cards. Hence, imagine if one person make 100 different account and claim RM30 a day, then he/she could be getting RM3,000 credit total and if 1,000 people doing the same thing, there would be a RM3,000,000 of amount to be charged to Citibank credit card despite some of the people worked in there claimed that Citibank has prepared a huge marketing funds to promote this event. Moreover, I didn't do anything wrong as I want to apply despite knowing all my information would be sold out.

Besides, Sherman's said that this is not a loophole because the banks want us to think that we're cheating them so that they can harvest your mobile number and IC number as they can sell your contacts to other companies. Hence, I don't think that I could end up in "jail" for sharing this news out unless I really so "geng" can turn those virtual money to real money like below.
However, I think other people could turn in to real cash by helping their friends to buy Groupon deals and claim back real money from them. On the other hand, I saw there could be possible that there is total 500 new sign up so far from different sourced based on my Google's Analytic outbound links and Google shortened links checking data which means a total RM15,000 credit (RM30 x 500 clicks) has been given out today and I'm not sure whether they would alert about a sudden hike of traffic in their website before the last 3 days for this deals to close.

In my opinion, I think this promotion might spoil the market because extra virtual money that generated with a single code could have increase inflation just like you're printing a lot of money. For instance, I played a virtual game where I "bot" some virtual game money to earn some extra income back in 2009. The ways to earn more money is to create more "bots" robot to farm those "zeny" (game money) After played almost 3 years+ in the server, I eventually become one of the richest man in the game where I have farmed a total of 100,000,000,000 zeny+ (100 billion) in total and that time the exchange seller rate starting from 1 million zeny for RM100 to 1 billion zeny for RM100 throughout the few years period. So eventually other friend along in the lines do earn some extra pocket money by selling game currency to those rich boys who afford to buy those game virtual money. One day, the server have some bug issues and this had caused people to duplicate those item.

They're duplicated from RWC hat to Helm of Sun (Game equipment) and started to sold RM100 to those player who willing buy. Eventually the market is full of this type of virtual stuff and the value start to drop again. Finally the server webmaster decided to shut down the server and everyone lost all the money including myself. So the moral of this story could be relate same things happened to banks if they print too much money just like this case had generated too much virtual money that created out of nothing. Honestly, I think this could be one of the reason why I hate and love money so much on the another way round. I finally found the reason why I hate about the reality world is because I was once a very rich person in a virtual world but a poor person that lives on this reality world. For instance, I could give a person 100 million zeny in game but this can't be happen in our real world right?

If you're really doing this in real world, you would be eventually get investigated by police but not happening in the virtual world and this could be one of the reason why so many fraud and scam case happened on the online world. Besides, I feel that when you're rich, there will be eventually a lot of people come "polish your shoes" partly because of wants your money. I have encounter this experience in virtual world but not the reality. Imagine if I say I will give RM1,000 to anyone who visits my blog everyday and this could suddenly become a publicity like the "Future world richest man Zhang Jian" case where he gave out BMW as lucky draw to those people who join his RM300 MLM company. This concluded that if you're rich, basically you can do anything or buy anything that you want or self promoting just like a lot of case that we can see. So poor people like me just can end up dreaming in my own virtual world as I felt hard to survive in this reality world.

Another reason could be if you're a manager of a company, would you downgraded yourself to work as a data entry office boy? This sames apply to those people who are already very rich, would they go back to their poor lifestyle? Basically I think this can relate to myself that why I felt so sad everyday being a "poor" person in real life as I was once a rich person in the virtual world that resulted the "me" of today when I was categorize as a "mean" person on that game. Obviously I have totally mixed up my feeling when comes to reality where you need to "lowered down your rich guy ego and beg like a dog" for money. Suddenly I would like to share the Billionaire Top Ittipat Thailand movie which is quite inspiring as shown below.
Well, Aitthipat Kulapongvanich family was in debt of 40,000,000 Thai Baht which equal to almost RM4,000,000 Malaysian Ringgit but he finally success in the end with his Tao Kae Noi seaweed.

In fact, I couldn't compare myself with him as my "Comeback Plan" (东山再起) was totally a fail and just know how to talk empty only as I need RM2,000,000+ if want buy back and one of the way could be the "Yupo Synthetic Paper" to become success in the printing industry but it require million dollars to invest in Malaysia. Anyways, I just walked to Mayflower Brickfields during the afternoon although I'm quite tiring. Somehow there is a evil side of myself saying that "Just do the jump only lah, scare what?" thought that freaks me out when I walked pass Nu Sentral shopping mall. Then I just ordered the Spicy Homemade Pan Mee (手工板面) noodle Chili for RM7 to make myself awake as I felt sleepy for sleeping 2 hour+ as below.
Suddenly I realize all the stall that I ate get sponsored by Milo as you can see below.
Somehow I was in my imaginative world wondering that I got such influence to attract rich advertiser like Milo to sponsor them when I blog about each of the food stall.

Upon arrived back to company, I continue to do my stuff and being call for a small meeting in the afternoon to talk about keeping customer's information confidential and other compliance stuff. Around 6.30pm I make a move from office and went to Olive Sentral at Sooka Sentral because I want to try use the RM30 voucher that I bought from Groupon yesterday as below.
Well, the terms and condition is the voucher is applicable from 6pm-9pm on weekdays and 12pm-3pm on weekends. After viewing the menu, I decided to choose the Seafood Linguine Arrabbiata that comes with fish, prawn and mussel tossed with fettuccine, herb salad, parmesan crisp and toasted pine nuts for RM30 from the menu as shown below.
I couldn't eat beef when I saw there is other choice like Australian Ribeye Steak cost RM36, Lamb Shank cost RM32, Braised Beef cost RM30,

Frankly speaking, the taste was not very nice to me and the portion of the ingredient can be counted like 2 pieces of prawn, 3 pieces of muscle, 4 pieces of small cut salmon fish that comes pasta. Anyways, I just paid RM3 for the 10% service charge and this whole meal include the voucher promotion cost for RM6 total as shown below.
Somehow I do felt quite "sad because "poor" people like me need use this kind promotion way to get to eat cheaper food in high class place although there is no people eating there around 6pm+.
Below is the detailed information about Olive Sentral cafe at Sooka Sentral Kuala Lumpur.
Address: Unit G-4, Sooka Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-27851988
Business Hour: Mon - Fri: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm; Sat: 11:30 am - 4:00 pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/OliveSentral

Somehow I really want to live a RM500 a day lifestyle and just feel sad for not able to achieve it other than looking those top 9 Malaysia's Tall Rich Handsome Young Guy Rich Second Generation Y (高富帅+富二代) to motivate myself work harder since I don't have rich family background like them. Besides, it is useless to "jelly" about the guy who say he earn RM9,000+ dreaming about earning RM50,000 comment in my blog because it is not my money also despite he is same age with me. If really want compare I think could be my friend who earns RM20,000+ a month as a 24 years old guy. Moreover, I felt that if poor need to depend on rich people as I still remember some experience back in 2012 while I was in group buying company. He is one of the employee that earn a lot of money because he is the friend of our company's Dato and the Dato trust him very much for whatever he say.

Finally I arrived back home at 8.25pm and took the simple dishes as my dinner as shown below.
Actually I was still feeling quite "butthurt" about all those comment as I shall agree with them where I found myself being an attention whore create all this nonsense stuff as it is like want to get some attention from people due to too lonely but the fact is no one really care what you do or anything you say. Before I end my post, do you agree that people who love to eat are always the best people as below.
In conclusion, I felt that my life would be totally different if I have such money as shown below.

One last word could be the real business is not fun like the online games you've played, this is the real world, there are real cheating, real bankrupt, even the adult person cannot survive from the ugly business, how's about the teenager like you would be?


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Coffee Planet's Quzee Arruze Chicken @ Nu Sentral Shopping Mall Experience

Today I'm a "semi-godlike" creature again as I slept around 3.30am again yesterday. Actually I'm very sure that I started to sleep at 1am after I have completed written the yesterday blog post but couldn't sleep well partly because thinking of too many stuff including the January incident again as those tiny bits of getting "possessed" where I still don't know why I couldn't control my body crawling on the floor and talking non-stop at that time. What I really recall at 1am is I felt very energetic despite only sleep less than 4 hour on the previous day. Besides, I do think about some small stuff and requested approval from a girl in the Instagram so that I could "stalk" her in someway. Upon arrived KL Sentral, I went to McDonald to have the Brekkie wrap with sausage for RM4.50 but this time I have change the coffee into hot Milo for RM5.20 total as shown below.
After that, I continue to do my daily routine job as usual.

Somehow I realized the new employee is actually another's employee brother as they were both sibling but the company management didn't know. Anyways, he went to some meeting and came back told me that the Human Resource manager asked him a lot of question on how to improve and asked why he choose this data entry job as it could be replaced by anyone. Frankly speaking, I do felt a little "butthurt" because the management didn't mention about this to me as how would you feel when your HR asked back you why you choose this job where there is nothing to learn other than completed the daily dead-end key in data job task. Anyways, he just added that he have interview about 8+ company also asked why he choose such despite he is a news photographer journalist and seems like very respected by people for his past job. Besides, he also shared he had work as GSC counter before as the paid was RM3.50 per hour back in 2008 and being accused RM200 story.

Well, he said that he being accused to be responsible for the lost of RM200 in the GSC petty cash. In the end, the management refused to watch the CCTV and deducted RM200 from his salary. Furthermore, he also shared about those rich dad poor dad book and said those people who earn RM2,000 monthly salary always complain that they cannot save money because they keep go high class place like those Japanese restaurant eat expensive food. Somehow I do feel a little "butthurt" as it seems like saying myself indirectly. Apparently no people would really understand why I willing to spend so much money on food despite my reason is to overcome depression. Seriously how could I die so fast when I haven eat all those food before becoming a Hungry Ghost? Anyways, I do think that it is much easier to get a job based on relationship since it is recommended by another employee and my manager company will hire anyone as long as you're a human.

This just lead me to think that how great I know all this stuff and worked there back in January after back from UK as the January incident can be prevented. My intention here is to help any junior that back from UK to overcome their stress to find job as some people who have low self esteem will easily feel depressed and eventually encounter those "possessed" things. Furthermore, the reason why I feel to spend so much money on food could be I wanted to have the lifestyle of spending RM500 a day back in UK as you could eat a lot of food in Malaysia with the same amount of money in a day. So if I really want to have that kind of lifestyle, I must earn at least RM15,000 a month in order to afford such luxury lifestyle. In fact, I know I shouldn't keep talk about the RM1,000 monthly commitment where I could buy a car now without having any worries if I don't have any loan to repay right? (No more if liao since it is already a fact)

During the afternoon, I walked to Nu Sentral again and decided to have my lunch at Coffee Planet which located just beside Panettone restaurant that I went there yesterday as shown below.
Well, there is some promotion for the food menu and I have chosen the Quzee Arruze Chicken for RM12.90 as shown below.
The great thing in this restaurant is that they offer free sky juice as you can refill anytime and there is no tax charged in the total bill as shown below.
Actually I wanted to go this Coffee Planet cafe long time ago when I saw the Yuna celebrity artist singing at their grand opening in Nu Sentral. However, that time I saw the price is ranged around RM15 to RM20 and didn't go. Maybe they have just adjusted the price since there is not much customer or I'm wrong?

Overall I would rate the food as 6.5 out of 10 stars and I do like the environment there when the place I sit was quite quiet. Anyways, below is the details information about Coffee Planet restaurant.
Address: Ground Floor 40, NU Sentral Mall, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business hour: 7:00am - 11:00pm
Contact: 03-2276 3709
Website: https://www.facebook.com/coffeeplanet.nusentral
Besides, I do felt myself quite lucky today as I won the Free Sundae Cone again from Line apps as shown picture below.
Well, I do saw a friend when I redeem the ice cream and saw he work in CIMB bank from his neck tag. Somehow I think I would keep spam bug ask for job in all of the bank to get a higher salary.

When I arrived back office, I continue to do my stuff while heard my boss said he wouldn't accept those Forex merchant. Around 6.10pm I make a move from the office and reached the train station where I saw a guy collecting rubbish from the dust bin as he put into his motorcycle as below.
Somehow I just told myself to be grateful of what I have as I still have family where I didn't end up like him collecting rubbish to survive. He shall be given applause for not commit suicide even if he poor and seems like a homeless person. Finally I arrived home at 7.55pm and quickly have my dinner and continued with bath before I touch the computer. Well, I just saw an interesting video about "7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks" (7招必學的Smartphone影相絕招,好簡單,但效果相當正,試下,保證有驚喜,7招,又有全景重拍、又有附加Zoom,水珠玩微距、反光板..........就係7招,不過,玩last個招小心D,如果甩手,手機隨時會報銷!) as shown below or the link >>> Here.

Suddenly I just saw the girl that I want to stalk in Instagram didn't approve my request and I just feel so emos and sad. Actually it is quite stupid to think of such a small stuff when the girl that I once liked didn't approve my Instagram friend's request as I ended up being so sad. I even have those weird thought such as "What is my feeling would be when she get f**ked by another guy and I was begging the guy saying that "Can you don't f**k the girl i liked? Somehow I don;t know what I really want. Izzit I want to have sex with her body or what? Obviously masturbation with porn star video like Meguru Kosaka didn't help any like what "Sherman" (from Facebook) saying that "you can always masturbate and call it a night" because the more you masturbate, the more you will feel stress after the 5 minute of "happy hour" browsing in your phone. Moreover, I wonder why my Facebook got so many beautiful girl but I still don't have any feeling meh? (am I Gay or what?)

In addition, I keep asked myself again and again why I felt sad for not being rich and what I will do after become a rich guy? Well, the answer is if I am rich, I will eventually have the confident to chase the girl that I once liked. Hence, I could marry her faster and the "lonelyreload baby" could be born out faster where I could become a father by the age of 28. Why I want to have family so badly partly because I hope someone would look after or care for when I'm old because I saw too many not good example from people who are single until the end of their life. At last, I don't really care what people say about me for posting negative stuff since this is my blog and I can say whatever I like although despite I'm proclaim myself as a food blogger where I shouldn't spread negative stuff in the food blog post. Well, if I so concern about scaring this and that, why don't I saw those people comment on those porn website owner asking them to stop posting porn?

In fact, I should feel unique in my own way as I able to blog about my life in this era. If my blog still survive after 3000 years later, it could be valuable like those olden age famous people like Pablo Picasso who paints about their life. Who the heck will know what negative thinking or what bad deed that those old famous people do? If I say famous people like Pablo Picasso had raped 10 woman before would you believe? (=.=) I found that the truth is everyone will always show their best side about themselves and lessen down those negative thing. Certainly my brain is full of imagination right? On the other hand, do you know why food blogger can gain a higher popularity? It is because when you blog about expensive food, not much people can afford those RM100+ meal per person and they would go Google search first before going to eat there. Then the will based on those food blogger review whether it is worth to go or not.

This sames apply to why Paultan car blog review can become top 9 from one of the top 30 most visited local websites for Malaysia June 2014 as below.
It is because not much people can afford to buy such luxury car and they can only can look on those car picture online with its reviews. Somehow I might find a secret of getting a high traffic website could be making something that unique or people couldn't afford to buy first as they need to see review. Hence, you could see why so many gossip news or fake news can be so viral nowadays. For instance, this keyword "a 18 years guy is having sex with 21 different girl in just a day", doesn't it sounds interesting to you until you want to click inside to see who is this guy? Moreover, I think the secret to get high traffic is include as many blog post as you can starting from humor, funny, unique, sex story, cars, house or others although it could be a copy paste source.

Well, I think content marketing still have hope in Malaysia and this is why you can see Gigacircle suddenly become top 5 most visited by Malaysian based on Alexa ranking although it is a Taiwan website. It is because there are still a lot Chinese market around in Malaysia although I keep saying that why Malay blogger is more easily to success because a lot Malay will support back Malay blogger, while Chinese blogger support back Chinese but English blogger not much people support since English is an international language and it is quite hard to rank those keyword when compete with worldwide player. Later on, I went to apply the Citibank credit card from Ringgit Plus website because they offer RM30 Groupon credit and up to RM300 upon approval. Hence, I think this is possible to Cheat RM30 Groupon credit by simply fill up your details although I not sure it could be applicable or not.

So I would teach you guys how to get Groupon's RM30 free credit now if you follow my step as below.
1) Go to https://ringgitplus.com/en/credit-card/Citibank-Clear-Visa.html
2) Type your name, real phone number, tick "My income is greater than RM24000 a year. That's at least RM2000 monthly"
3) Put your age 24, monthly income RM3,000, say that you have no credit card yet and your email.
4) You will receive an SMS asked you to reply your IC number.
5) After you reply with your IC number, you will gain a Groupon credit voucher code instantly.
After that, I just go Groupon website and select any deals that you like and proceed to key in the credit voucher code.

At first I tried to choose the [40% Off] Olive: RM30 Cash Voucher for Western and Asian Cuisine for RM18 for double voucher and proceed the payment. However, I failed when I key in the 6 digit number and I wonder maybe because they feel suspicious that the amount is just RM6 to buy a RM36 product although it say thank you for your purchase as shown below.
Then I just sent an email to Groupon as the RM30 credit has been used and I hope they could reply me as soon as possible. Later on, I check back the account and found the RM30 has been credited back and I quickly do the RM6 transaction and it is success as shown below.
Somehow I do feel happy because this is a feeling like using RM6 to buy RM60 value stuff as I could go Olive Sentral to eat those expensive food. Anyways, I think that success need start with small step because if so fast let success and give you drive BMW/Merc, you won't be appreciate right?

Anyways, there is few restaurant that I wanted to go due to some "personal reason" which is the Blacklist Cafe and Restaurant, Loud Speaker Subang, myBurgerLab, Awesome Canteen cafe, Miam Miam Malaysia cafe, Nutmeg restaurant, Cultura - Bakery Cake Coffee, S'MoreS Bar, Coffeemania cafe, Momento Cafe, New Black Coffee Lab cafe, Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant Malaysia, Lots Green Tea Garden, Love Bites Fusion Cuisine French Restaurant Penang, Joo Hooi Cafe Penang and Cafe 1986 Klang. Besides, I think I have just have a rest of 5 hour total to get myself regenerated when everyone have the same 24 hour. At last, I could be an inspiration for any teenager who want to commit suicide to stop this kind of thought because it is still not the end of the world no matter how fail life is as long as you never give up yourself when you see my experience. Imagine if I give up myself during the January incident, you think I still can blog about all this experience until now? Afterall, experience is the most expensive salary in life!

*Please note that the guide to get RM30 could be not work for you but it works for me, after all, I still can don't provide them those salary slip to proceed my credit card application as I earned the voucher for FREE~

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