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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Choosing Top 10 Place To Commit Suicide In Malaysia

Suicide is the only way out

Depression is a condition of mental disturbance characterized by depression to a greater degree than seems warranted by the external circumstances, typically with lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration or interest in life. However, there is no such things as "depression" in Malaysia because people had overlook that it is the main reason why some people start to do some "crazy" stuff. Today I would like to share a "brainless+childish" topic by talking about committing suicide as a third party person.

According to Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said, Section 309 of the Penal Code stated that anyone guilty of attempted suicide could face imprisonment of up to a year or fined or both but police had not been enforcing it. In this case, I believe no people will look from the point of view of a person who want to "die". In their eyes, they no longer see any value of surviving especially when they reach the peak of the "point" as they would not think about the person that care for them such as friends, relatives, friends and others.

In my opinion, I felt that people who suffer serious depression often having suicidal thought as suicide is the only was out but many people claimed that this kind of people was just seeking for attention or being dramatic. In fact, I was being "tagged" as a weaker or person who just know how to rant/whine everyday but didn't take any changes to improve. Furthermore, it is often starts with jealousy or not being able to compete with others people that eventually end up making him/her felt useless. Nevertheless, it was so demotivated when a lot of comment pouring in to go "14th floor" in other website. Moreover, the only way to know "hell" is exists or not is by not living in this world anymore if you have the courage to bear the risk to going through endless Karma life cycle by becoming other animal or even suffer different kind of torture in hell if you dare. Anyway, below is the top 10 place (location) to choose for commit suicide in Malaysia based on some "silly irresponsible thought" for expressing stress anonymously.

1) Suria Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)
Reason : A place where the author travelling a lot just to watch TGV Cinema last time, so even become a ghost still can watch movie? Since a normal citizen cannot go to the highest floor of KLCC, therefore "it" can only choose Suria KLCC shopping mall and "jump" from the highest 6th floor.

2) Nu Sentral near KL Sentral
Reason: A place where the author passing by every single day to work, it's a new building that launch not long ago, nearby LRT and KTM station. Location is take the escalator near Parkson to the 5th floor of Nu Sentral Golden Screen Cinema and "jump" outside, so still can watch movie after life.

3) Komtar Tower, Penang
Reason: A place where the author liked while travelling to Penang, it consists of 65th floor and choosing the highest floor to "jump" would be very scary since it was so high. Purposely go so far to Penang from KL to die due to can travel around Penang and enjoy those food while being a ghost.

4) Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo Street
Reason: A place where the author like especially the Tokyo Street. It would be great to "jump" out exactly in front of Tokyo Street at 6th floor although the highest floor is 7th. Can enjoy Japanese culture after life?

5) Mid Valley Megamall
Reason: A place where the author work before and its one of the place that can earn a higher salary. The location chosen would be outside of Mc Donalds at 3rd floor but it would be risky since it is only 3rd floor. Can shopping around afterlife?

6) 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Reason: A place where the author travel before. Location would be the 6th floor of Neway Karaoke, can continue to sing song afterlife?

7) ÆON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre
Reason: A place where the author shopping before life, buy clothes, read books and watch movie. The location chosen would be outside of Popular Bookstore at the 2nd floor to do the "jump", it might end up disability due to the height issue. Can continue to read books after life.

8) Klang Parade
Reason: A place where the author staying nearby and traveled since secondary school. The location would be the outside SenQ of 2nd floor. Can continue to buy electrical product after life.

9) Setia City Mall
Reason: A place where the author shopping within the Klang Valley. The location would be outside of Wangsa Bowl at 2nd floor. Can continue to play bowling after life.

10) Sunway Pyramid
Reason: A place where the author traveled before and wanted to try out the ice skating activities. The location would be 3rd floor and "jump" down to the ice ring. Able to play ice skating after life.

Well, I guess this is the top 10 list of commit suicide place and the preference would start from the first choice of location. Basically this blog post was just a rubbish post to express out the inner side of suicidal thought and it would require a lot of courage to do the "jump". However, you must be questioning about why must choose shopping complex instead of other place? The reason would be if really want to go to "hell" fast, must choose the best location as it will be remembered because it only happen once in a lifetime. Actually there is one more to include which is Plaza Lowyat since it left the author a lot of memories including forum but this list is only for 10 location.

Seriously the reason for writing this post is to release the stress of life and often having suicidal thought due to depression and hallucinated after possession by ghost. Besides, I'm still sad about my ( domain has been bought by others people and become a "Lonely college chicks are horny" website. On the other hand, today one of my ex-colleague come and visited me and talk a lot about the benefit of his new company. Somehow it is quite true that my "Copy Cut and Paste" data entry admin job seems to be no future one. It is because how would you tell other employer that you only have this kind of "donkey job" skill after 1~2 years of working experience because anybody can do it. Although he say like that, I did feel so helpless and demotivating because I always get scold for doing wrong things for such a simple job. Apparently I am having this kind of stupid thought that if I no longer in this world, I would no need to compete with other people about who earn the most money with/without degree certification, no need to care anything but it will be such a selfish act.

Perhaps the way to be more positive is to be grateful of what I have. For instance, if I'm doing a donkey job, I shall be happy that at least I'm living better than those beggar, or the homeless people that sleep outside of KL Sentral? In life, there is so many things to say and I felt that it is more stupid to die just because of "Chinese Face Problem". For example, you won't be seeing a UK degree fresh graduate come out to work as a sweeper in the roadside or doing waiter job due to face problem right? Furthermore, I felt bad when some colleague saying another colleague that "UK graduates produce such a rubbish candidate" as she graduate the same UK university as me when she left the company not long ago.

Honestly, my objective already reach when I work in this company which is to get to know 90% of all the sales figure for e-commerce website in Malaysia. However, knowing the sales is useless before it couldn't bring any wealth if you never start to take action. Besides, I did felt "butthurt" when writing the RM1 million cheque every week as I wish that the cheque is for me. Anyway, I also felt that money is just a figure to show off to other people that how well are you doing. Nevertheless, being poor and lost face could also make someone having suicidal thought. In conclusion, not much people in Malaysia will pity those "weak minded people" and there is no such thing as depression if you're poor as Bill Gates once said "If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake." My world now is totally blank without a mission and I don't even think about the person that I love or the people who cares for me. Guess this is the end of the story as it would remain as a history no matter how much KARMA I would receive later for writing this suicidal post. (再怎么痛,再怎么难过,人家也看不到,也不会心疼你,你难过给谁看?)


  1. You can get sued for posting sometjing like this. Seriously.. keep it to your self. Dont encourage .....

  2. Last time I similar to you, I write blog and post my thoughts facebook , now I keep them all in my notebook or hidden in computer. Then I will review them after sometime and delete/burn it if the words written are too sad. Sometimes I just tell my emo head to shut up.

    Maybe look at the mirror every morning and just smile at yourself. And when working, I keep seeing my colleagues complaining about workload and menial tasks. I also complain but complain won't make life better. Instead, sometimes I try to see the any small good in the menial task, because focusing on the good thoughts=more productive=better future. A successful stock broker once told me "you have to go through 1-2 years of menial task". I think your mind perception is pretty powerful, to say "I'm able" to yourself when things seem impossible will give u a higher chance of succeeding.

    This piece of typing is for you, please consider cause I took time to write it.

  3. If your mother wrote the above post, how would you help her?

  4. Please go and read this blog:

  5. There are other ways out, please think about it and treasure your life.

  6. Anonymous >>> Even thought using an anonymous name?

    cxjiek >>> I see, guess you're right that keeping them all in hidden or delete it will be a better way. I also agree that doing menial task might able to succeed in someway.

    mun >>> I would definitely feel sad too, guess I'm too selfish. Thank for sharing the blog.

  7. Before you choose to suicide, ever think of throwing everything out and start a new life?

    Come sabah help me in my farm, get a peace of mind from city stress.

    Pm me lowyat id ah_suknat you know me i open a thread to bora bora you.

    1. How to throwing out everything ?
      I lost my father last year end 2014.
      He felt down, broke his c2 neck bone, paralyzed, then one organ by one organ shuted down. It took only 15 days he was gone.....
      I have not done my part yet to repay him as we Chinese were tought filial piety to our parents.
      Now near to CNY, how you think I feel ?
      I kept holding up and struggle everyday

    2. yeah, Chinese New Year is around, this just make me sad...

  8. RM50k study loan with salary RM2K already want to suicide?

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    example is :

    dont suicide laa...just keep on with your life, while working, try to find new opportunities and way to make good fortunes

  9. Anywhere you want as long as not my fav Pavilion

  10. Bloody hell la, if you want to commit suicide, please make so that you don't leave behind a bloody mess for people to clean up. Selfish prick.

  11. Which one u choose? When u want dai?
    Please tell so I can avoid going there

  12. Anonymous >>> Really, I wish I can loh, nvm lah, cannot pm in lowyat since kena bora bora d, see you in 2041 year~

    Robert Downey Jr >>> Thanks for your sharing and the article, still finding opportunity loh.

    Anonymous >>> Swt...

    Anonymous >>> Sigh...

    Anonymous >>> Speechless...

  13. Good news for you1 September 2014 at 10:49

    cxjiek, please call me...
    I want to talk to you012 3388 764.
    You said something about ghost disturbing. Want to know more. Will help you...
    You don't need to suffer like this anymore.

  14. Good news for you >>> I see, I'm afraid to phone stranger~

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